Countryside Charm: Traveling Alone

Open Sky

The open sky over western Illinois

Yesterday, I drove a whopping 8.5 hours.


I know.  It is surprising, especially considering that I do next to nothing alone.  I don’t like doing things alone.  I avoid doing things alone.  It just isn’t my thing.

I went downtown to pick up Matt and my race packets for the half marathon alone…and I ended up calling my sister and talking to her for an hour.
I ran the half marathon…alone.  It wasn’t fun (except when I saw my family cheering me on!).
On days that I am alone too long, I tend to spazz out a little when I get around people.  This can sometimes be scary.
I played bass alone the other day.  It was lacking the joy of being with others as music blends.
I drove a really long way to Kansas and back alone, and it was rather lonely (pun intended).

Amidst my dislike of being alone, I did compile a short list of things that I do like to do alone.  (Emphasis on short)

I like to play piano alone.
I tend to run alone…which is mostly okay.
I like to work alone when I have a lot to do.
I like to write when I’m alone.
I like to fly solo. Literally.  In an airplane.

My first solo

The day I soloed!

When I started thinking back to my solo cross country flying days, I remembered how truly freeing it was to be alone in an airplane flying over the countryside.  It was so easy to get lost in my thoughts – so easy to enjoy the relative silence, soaring over open fields with only the engine noise and some radio chatter for company.

Driving is nothing like this. I wish it was.  I can get so restless when I’m driving…especially when I am driving alone. Thankfully, I went to the library this past week and picked up some audio books.  They definitely made time go by a little faster, and they kept my brain occupied.

This week, I want to find a place of solo flight in the midst of the normals of life, even though it may not be going up in an airplane like I used to.  Anyone with me?

  1. So…how long would it have taken you to fly? Or is that cost prohibitive these days? I’m enjoying your new blog! 🙂


  2. It probably would have taken around 4 hours in a small plane. I wish I had the finances to be able to fly!


  3. […] I broke my solo driving record by driving 8 hours to Kansas […]


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