Firsts: A Journey

As a general rule, I am not a fan of firsts.  “Not a fan of firsts?” you say, ” What?”
Let me define the term “firsts” for you as I see it:

Firsts: Verb.
1) Doing something for the first time and not knowing the outcome.
2) Entering into unfamiliar territory where variables are out of my control.
3) Trying something new, sometimes for the pure sake of saying I did it.

As a moderate control freak, I find situations that are outside the sphere of my reach a little daunting.  For example, heading off to college was a HUGE first.  I cried a lot when I left home, but blossomed once I arrived.  Once I step over the threshold of the first, I’m usually okay.  The “first” is no longer abstract.  I can touch it, smell it, define it, hear it and see it.

All of that being said, this is a celebratory post.  I am going to try to document as many “Firsts” of this year as possible.
1) Because I’m proud of myself
2) To show how blessed I am
3) To give glory to God for enabling me to overcome my fear of “firsts” one activity at a time

So.  Here we go! *These are in no order, rank, etc.  I am typing them out as I think of them*

  • I started running
  • I ran my first 5K
  • I ran a mud run
  • I ran my first (and only) half marathon
  • I became an aunt!
  • I went on my first Willow serving trip
  • I traveled to the Dominican Republic for the first time
  • I had acupuncture done for the first time
  • I broke my solo driving record by driving 8 hours to Kansas
  • I painted a front door yellow
  • I attended the Willow Creek Association Global Leadership Summit conference
  • I decided to start wearing heels
  • I technical directed for Student Impact
  • I technical directed for Willow’s midweek service
  • I ran jib at Willow for the first time
  • I played piano and sang in a church service
  • I shot a glock (with decent accuracy, too!)
  • I started making cupcakes with Chelsea
  • I started my own website (you’re on it)
  • I played frisbee with Matt in a downpour
  • I went to the Axis fall retreat
  • I technical directed Axis
  • I caught fish at the Egan’s house
  • I went to Sandblast 2012 with Huntley!
  • …and probably a few other things that I’m missing.


What are your firsts?

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