Intentional Inefficiency: A Short Blog

So lately, I’ve been on an inefficiency kick.
If you recall the adventures of the yellow door, you’ll remember that Chelsea and I made it a priority to not be efficient. Honestly, I love the feeling of not having to be efficient. It is so relaxing! There is nothing like approaching a project with the freedom to not have to stick to a schedule. Even though I adore boundaries and structure, it is a whole new feeling to allow space for fun. It is definitely a stretch, but I enjoy it.

I met up with a few girlfriends from freshman year at ORU, and they were shocked at my introduction of being intentionally inefficient. It made me laugh, especially since my motto for college was, “maximum efficiency at all times is key.” Times change. Sometimes it is nice to change!

What are you doing that is different from your norm?

  1. I read that three times trying to figure out why you were asking me what I was doing different from my mom. Three times. It’s been a very long day.


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