Tulsa: Plot Twists

Ta Da!

This past week, I flew into Tulsa, OK for a week-long broadcast TV shoot at my alma mater, Oral Roberts University.  My role for this week was Assistant Director (AD).

“Wow!  What a formal title!” you say.
“Why yes, it is quite exquisite.” I reply.
“But what exactly does this mean?” you quickly interject.
I am so glad you asked.

The answer can be summed up in one  hyphenated word:



Repeat this about 15 times, and that’s the gig.

It was so cool to see certain skills come full circle.  At my last job, I was a producer, which had many multi-tasking skills.  Before that, I was a bass player.  Being able to see the whole picture came into play many times as I answered questions, took appropriate notes, and assisted in helping this production look good.  The musical side came out, as I was able to predict the flow of songs, a band’s next step, or when a instrumental break will end.

The first night was an adjustment.  Last year when I worked this gig, I was a camera operator.  I had no idea how easy I had it.  There is so much less responsibility as a camera operator!  The camera operator’s main job is to capture what the audience is hearing, and follow the directions of the director and AD.  I’ll admit, I missed running the jib.  I missed the creativity of it, but at the same time, I enjoyed the responsibility of being the AD.

I love being a part of God’s plan.  It is ever changing, always full of adventure, and the plot twists are out of this world.  The plot twist that happened this past week with shifting from a camera operator to AD was drastic, but fulfilling.  And to think – I am only one character in God’s show.  This is too wonderful to contain.

How are you playing your role in God’s play?  Where have your plot twists led you?

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