Running After the Race

Look, ma! I’m a runner!

The past two weeks have been interesting with running.
Coming off of the push to the Chicago half marathon, I wasn’t sure how I felt about running.  But, being the tenacious person that I am, I decided to give it another go.

Then I realized how freeing it is to run without the burden of knowing that I have a 13.1 mile race ahead of me.  I could run for the pure joy of running.  I could do 3 miles and know that I did as much as I need to do…and not have three more miles still ahead of me.

Since the half marathon, I have been out to run three times.  Once before Tulsa, once in Tulsa, and once this past week.  It is so relaxing to go out and run just because I want to…not because I have to.

I have found this to be true in many areas of life.  The places where I feel that I “have to” do something become burdensome.  Whereas the places where I do things for the pure joy of them bring me extraordinary amounts of life.

Unfortunately, too many times, things I find that are full of life initially become burdens because I let go of why I like the task and I allow someone else to control it.  This has happened in the past with Karate, advancing in the Civil Air Patrol cadet program, photography, and a few other areas.  When I let go of what makes an activity special to me, I lose my own individuality within that task.  Letting someone else control my love for something is conforming to how they see the task, rather than bringing my own perspective on it.

I would love to return to a place of pure creativity in areas where I have dropped the ball or let others shape it.  Who knows what adventures this will bring!

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