Flashback Friday: For Your Enjoyment.

I wrote this during Christmas break of 2010, and decided to bring it back.  I hope you enjoy this short blog of nerdiness. 🙂


I title this, “The Simple Joys of LIfe.”

by: Joy Bork.

Where has simplicity gone?

I’m not sure, but I sure do enjoy the “Simple” pleasure of typing on my laptop from a bluetooth keyboard, navigating my screen from a bluetooth tablet, and viewing all these actions through a large-screen HDTV.  How?  It’s simple.

1. I plugged my laptop in via an edison plug in the back of the TV cabinet.

2. I plugged a miniDisplayPort to VGA adaptor into my laptop.

3. I plugged the adaptor into a VGA plug-to-plug

4. I plugged the other end of the VGA into the VGA recepticle on the TV.

5. I used a 1/8″ stereo plug-to-plug cord into the headphone jack of my computer.

6. I plugged the other end of the 1/8″ stereo cord into the “Computer Sound In” port on the TV.

7. I switched the TV to “On” via the power switch.

8. I put the TV input to “PC” (though I dislike PC’s, i’ll dismiss that detail as the simple term, “Personal Computer”)

9. I engaged my bluetooth devices

10. I now enjoy surfing the internet, blogging, facebooking, and watching shows from my computer via a TV.

Simple, right?

simplicity is relative.

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