The Adventures of El Salvador – Day 1

Greetings from El Salvador! The team just arrived at our hotel about a half hour ago. This is an absolutely gorgeous country!

What a day it has been! It started bright and early with a wake up from Joanne at 2:30. We met the rest of our team at the airport at 3:30. Our team consists of a lovely group of six. Let me give you a basic idea of my new friends:
Joanne – team leader extraordinaire. Works at Willow, has a huge heart for missions. She also loves to eat plantains.
Scotty – missions guru with many stories. He has lived in several countries in his life, doing good!
Tim – Chicago police officer with a brain for story. He is currently finishing up getting his doctorate in psychology…and then he may take over the world.
Mike – former marine who is a devourer of scripture. He likes to visit McDonald’s in every country he visits and is convinced that the fries always taste the same…but not the meat.
Kelly – my roommate! She looks fantastic in the color blue, and asks fantastic questions. She also loves water – drinking it as well as relaxing in it.

It has been so cool to drive around El Salvador. Their culture is completely different and wonderful! Marked differences include: transport buses that are covered in bling – including chrome rims- the streets are lined with vendors, growing maize on steep hillsides, no rules against people crowding into the backs of pickup trucks, and they have palm trees!

One of the things we talked through in preparation for this trip was honoring the culture of our host country. It is so easy to travel to another country and simply think that the American way of life is superior. But the reality is that these people and their differences are beautiful. If every culture was the same, this world would be quite boring. I am excited to learn more this week about how the lovely people of El Salvador live life. It is always an eye opener to see the world through someone else’s viewpoint – especially in a different country.

Coming up tonight – dinner, orientation meeting, and rest! I haven’t slept since 2:30 this morning!

It is days like today that I wish I could sleep while being upright, but yet holding a firm grip on thankfulness for caffeine. Oh glory!

More updates to come!

My first view of El Salvador!

Not every McDonald’s can have an auto Mac!

  1. Have a great time being a blessing!
    Your #1 Mom fan!


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