Be slow to speak…

The Duke of York and his speech therapist, Lionel
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This past week while I was in Tulsa, I watched the film, “The King’s Speech.”  It was fascinating to step back and process through King George VI’s journey.  In the beginning of the film, he was simply the Duke of York, son of King George V, second in line to the throne.  For most of his life, he suffered from a speech impediment, which caused him to stutter.  He had been to every doctor imaginable, and nothing had helped.  On a whim, his wife met up with a controversial speech therapist, who was willing to give it a go.

It turns out that fear was holding him back.

If I put myself in his shoes, I begin to think about what areas of my life I am allowing fear to impede areas that I am supposed to be strong in.  I am called to be an overcomer, rather than someone who is driven by passivity and fear.

When I turn and instead place myself in the position of Lionel, the speech therapist, I gain a completely new perspective.  Lionel chose to not judge, to be slow to speak, and to be confident for the king.  I don’t know where I would be without people who have stood beside me and who have been confident for me in places where I didn’t believe in myself or feared that I wasn’t enough.

It comes down to a choice.  Who am I going to believe?  Will I believe the word of those who poke fun at the areas where I am fearful, or will I choose to believe those who push me to face those fears?  Choosing the former leaves me deeper in fear.  Believing the latter leaves me stronger.  It isn’t a comfortable choice, but one that is worth making.

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