Memory Makers

One thing that I have always loved to do is creating memories. Sometimes I do this without thinking…sometimes it takes form in non-traditional ways…other ways it is normal. But only sometimes.

Two of these precious memories come from my small group of junior and senior girls at Willow Creek Huntley. Over the past year, we have shared tears and laughter, happys and crappys. The group has changed form, but several things remain the same. Every week we start off our time by talking through our happy crappys for the week – otherwise known to the world as highs and lows. But, since I like to make things non-traditional, I add in a punch of unpredictability. We always phrase how our week has been in terms of something – shoes, flowers, candy, etc. My favorite example to use is that one week a girl said that her week was like stilettos. It looked great and shiny on the outside, but it hurt to wear!

During one of our small group happy crappy times at student impact’s summer camp, sandblast, a huge memory was made. Two of my girls had gone swimming in the pool, but simply jumped in fully clothed instead of changing into swimsuits. One of the lifeguards didn’t like this and dismissed them from the pool area. As one of my girls is telling me this saga as her crappy of the day, she took a bite of one of my favorite college snacks – animal crackers and icing. The manner in which she put it into her mouth while in mid sentence reminded me strongly of emotional eating. Then it was on. As she continued to speak, I consoled her emotions and proceeded to stuff her mouth full of animal crackers and frosting. The more the talked, the fuller her mouth got, the funner the situation was. Unfortunately, I can’t find the epic photo of this adventure, but hey. You get the picture.

So fast forward to this past Wednesday. We had an epic guest speaker come out and share with us. At small group afterwards, we chit chatted about the topic a little, but it seemed that it was going nowhere fast. What do I do? Encourage a gum eating contest. We had a whole Halloween sized bag of double bubble gum in front of us, and we ate almost the entire thing. One of my girls squeezed 27 pieces of gum into her mouth before giving up. Our top chewers ate 27, 22, and 11. I ate the 11 🙂 It was such a great memory maker! Given – in the moment, our jaws hurt and we had a sugar rush, but hey! We had fun! This is the type of story that will go down in history for all to see.

We lived, loved Jesus, and had a blast while we did it!!
Here is a picture to prove it!

My gum chewing beauties!!

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