YOLO. Literally.

I was thinking the other day about the phrase YOLO – “You only live once.”  This brought some fascinating thoughts to my mind.

First, if I only live once, I need to do everything now!  Now is the time for adventure, for trying new things, for making personal change, and for making new friends!  I have heard it said frequently that people who are severely ill or near to death frequently focus on what they wish they would have done – their regrets.  I do not want to live with regrets!  I want to live my life to the fullest, taking in every moment, every adventure.

Second, I feel that the flip side of taking adventure by the horns is relaxing into living only once.  There is an urgency to living, yet a calm.  It is focusing on the importance of simply being.  One thing that we need most as people is connection.  I know that it is especially difficult for me nowadays to simply enjoy being with someone.  Every time I am with someone, a phone goes off, email happens, distractions abound.  But when I slow down, set aside my phone, and decide to spend good quality “being” time with someone, I know that I am making a difference.

There is a paradox surrounding YOLO.  I search to find the middle between rushing to do everything and slowing down to simply “be.”

What does YOLO look like to you?

Here are a few snapshots of YOLO moments from my life 🙂

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