Flashback Friday: The Adventures of College Life XXXVI

This update came in the midst of spring semester of my freshman year.  You’ll meet fun people inside, including my freshman friends Hannah, Dani, Clarissa, and Jess, some of my friends from the worship department, my missions team for that summer, and a few other notable people from ORU.  I hope you enjoy the insanity!


Let’s get right down to business.

1) I’m going where? (take 2)
2) T is for trouble, triumph, and tuesday.
3) Chapel!
4) “You slit your wrists?” – LC
5) Lots of pictures.
6) Oh wow.
7) lovely sunsets.

1) I’m going where? (take 2)
Monday started off with a bang. Whether that’s a good bang or not, you can determine. At dead hour, we replaced our typical family time at Saga with alteration-time at Marilou’s tailor shop here in Tulsa. Katie McClaren, Janine, and I got into Janine’s car with our pink dresses and my two other new dresses and went to get them fixed. The process was rather painless and easy, which was perfect for us. We got in and out within an hour! So good. When we got back, I dropped my stuff off at the dorms, then went to Saga. Turns out Megan was there too, so we got family time anyway. Happiness.
At 1:30, I went to audio class. Through a series of fortunate events, half of the class was let out early due to working on projects and not enough computers for everyone to work on them. So, I went and hung out in the business department with Janine and Rebecca Gunn. I enjoyed talking to both of them, and Janine even helped me figure out a topic for my upcoming humanities paper!
After leaving the business department, I went downstairs to the MMI lab to start researching for my humanities paper. After a while, I got cold, so I decided to migrate upstairs to Hava Java to get myself something warm and toasty (thanks, Hannah!). on the way, I found Aunna, and she bought me a chai. SOOOOO good. While standing in line, Mandy Ritzheimer came up to me and told me that we both made it to Worship Staff! Apparently, I am the executive administrator for next year! I’m not sure exactly what it means, but i’ll keep you posted. After talking to Aunna and Mandy for a while, I descended back down into the depths for interactive class. After class, I went to dinner at Saga with Hannah, rejoiced that we both made staff, then went to a RA training meeting in Zoppelt at 6. That let out around 7:30, so I went to tours practice early and got everything set up.
This is where things get exciting…just so you know.
Practice started out normal. Things were going great. All of the sudden, Tripp dropped his sticks and said something to the effect of, “let’s just take a break. You can take your instruments off.” We were all stumped. So, we took our stuff off and sat down. The vocalists came back in and Rachel and Tripp left the room with us in there. They told us we had to leave the room. So, we all go out, all giddy and happy like when Rachel tells us, “I wouldn’t be laughing if I was you…” and we all got the Fear of God on us. After a while, they let us back in and sat us down. They started talking all weird like, and Tripp was acting like he was depressed and about to cry. Before we knew it, Rachel and Tripp had us on a scavenger hunt in worshipland to find out some important announcement. So off we went, finding clues, looking high and low, finding boots in flower pots, ritz in desk drawers, and finally a sign on a door that told us that we, Team Slovenia, are going somewhere else.
Yep. Somewhere else.
Team Slovenia/France was changed. We are now Team Slovenia/Romania! Jesus opened the door for us to go to Romania! I’m so excited.

Anyway, after practice, Hannah, Clarissa, and Dani picked me up in Mabee Center lot, and we went off to Braums, originally in celebration of Hannah and my acceptance to worship staff. After I told them about Romania, that was quickly added to the list of things we were celebrating. It was a good day.

Picture this with me:
So, here we are at Braum’s. We have ice cream.
We are talking and enjoying each other’s company a lot.
We go to leave…Hannah can’t find her keys.
Turns out they are in the car.
The car is running.
We almost freaked out until we found that the doors were still open too.
God loves us.
Let’s just leave it at that.

2) T is for trouble, triumph, and tuesday.
Tuesday was full of…well…adventure.
I had my normal classes and stuff, then had band practice, because I was playing bass in chapel the next day. Band practice went so well! I love playing under Mike Letney. Practice goes so smoothly with him! Anyway, I was in pain most of the practice, because my left wrist hurt whenever I bent it certain directions, due to my excess of piano playing a few days before. But, I kept playing.
After practice, I met up with Jess, Hannah, and Clarissa and we went shopping for Dani’s surprise bridal shower that we threw for her yesterday. We went to Hobby Lobby, got kicked out of there due to the store’s closing time being at 8 (we arrived at 7:55), then we went to Target, got lots of stuff there, then we went to Wal-mart, got stuff there, ate at the McDonalds inside, and came back to the dorm to quickly put things together while we had the guarantee of Dani being gone due to her study night with her man, Nathan. It was pretty crazy, but we got it done. We then hid all of the stuff in my room, because Dani doesn’t come in my room very often. Sneaky, eh? I think so. Especially since it was hidden in relatively plain sight. Heh heh hehhhh…
Then we decided to do homework. But, sleep won. Before long, we were all off in that little land of unconsciousness we call lala land.
it was wonderful.

3) Chapel!
Wednesday started off with a 9:45 band practice for chapel. . . well, we actually started more around 10, but it was cool anyway. So, we had band practice. It went really well. I enjoy playing with and being around all the ORU worship people. They are a very uplifting bunch, if I do say so myself.
The chapel speaker turned out to be Mike Bickle, the pastor of IHOP (International House of Prayer in KC). He spoke on how we need to rise up and be a generation of lovesick worshippers for Jesus. It was awesome. Afterwards, one of his worship leaders, Misty Edwards, sang, and it was amazing. So, after chapel let out late, I finally made my way onto the stage and retrieved my things. I then walked back to my room, hung out for a while, then went to a quick lunch at the deli. I then went through the GC1 tunnel to the LRC, where my audio class was. On the way, I saw Mr. Bush, my professor, standing in the hallway talking to someone. Our eyes met, and the race was on…who could get to class first? So picture this, me and my professor, sprinting down the hallway to class. Guess who won? Yep. I did. It was quite a triumphant victory too. 😀
I got out of audio class early again, then went to the housing department to turn in my housing contract. While there, I ran into Colleen, and we talked for a while and had a jolly ‘ol time. After that, I went to Hava Java and began writing my paper for Humanities, on the topic of “The Effect of Court Jesters on Medieval Society.” It was great. I then went to interactive class, got out early, then went back to the dorm to finish the paper. At 9, I met my dorm group for next year at the internet cafe. They’re going to be a great bunch. I’m so excited! We hung out for a while, went to our floors, talked, exchanged numbers, and had a super swell time. I like them.
After that, I came back to the dorms only to find Dani and Jess going crazy in their room due to lack of sleep. It was quite entertaining, and I caught the giggle bug quite easily. Hannah eventually had to drag (literally) Dani and I out so that Jess could go to sleep. It was really funny.
Eventually, I finished my paper, and life was good.
I read my RA manual for a while, then they put me to bed.
Cue tomorrow.

4) “You slit your wrists?” – LC
Because of my efficiency, I didn’t have to go to HPE lab on Thursday. So I decided to take the wonderful approach and sleep. I slept until Humanities class, where I listened to lots of presentations on Medieval things, then I went on to New testament class, then to worshipland, where I talked for a while. One of the conversations that came up went as follows:

Laura – “Joy Bork, how the heck are you anyway? I’ve been thinking about you!”
Me – “I’m getting better every day! I hurt my wrist the other…”
Laura – interrupts “You WHAT???”
Me – “I hurt my wrist?”
Laura – “OH! All I heard was, ‘I slit my wrist the other day'”
Swain – “WHAT??? All I just heard was, ‘I slit my wrist!'”
Me – “no no no! I just hurt it!”
Laura – “Good, because I was about to clear everything off of this chair and tell you to sit down because we need to have a talk.”
Me – “um, no, i’m good…”

I then left worshipland, went to lunch, then met Chelsea Brown and her brother, Tyler, at the ORU bookstore in the GC. We hung out for a while, I took them to Claudius, showed Chelsea what will be my floor, then went to my dorm, where I dropped some stuff off. We then went back to the GC to meet her parents, then I had to go to class. When I returned to worshipland after class, Laura gave me stuff to do. She assigned me the task of thinking up cheap meals for tour camp in a few weeks. So, I mapped out all I could think of, and by the time she got back from teaching her piano lesson, I presented the sheet, much to her enthusiasm. She expressed to me her happiness about my being on staff next year, and said something to the effect of, “Exec. Administrator means that the office is yours, and my life is in your hands.” I imagine that’s a little too far, but we’ll see as time goes on what i’ll actually be doing.
I waited around the chapel until 5:30, when Nathan, Dani’s man, came and met me. My purpose: to capture video of Nathan answering questions that we would quiz Dani about at the shower.
Was I successful? Totally. It went off without a hitch. We ended up filming it up on the second story of the stage behind the choir lofts and my high bass-like perch. It was genius. Pure brilliance.
After that, I dropped my stuff off at my room, then went to dinner. I left at 6:45 and went off to Aunna’s house for our last Bible Study this year. We had fun hanging out, eating food, and listening to good teaching. I had to leave early because I had a big team meeting at 9. It was pouring rain when I got back. I quickly dropped my things off in my room and ran in the rain to the chapel. By the time I got there, I was pretty darn wet. On my way in around 9:03 or so (late), I saw Laura Cooke, and she told me that I wasn’t really late ’cause they hadn’t started yet. So, I went in, set my wet stuff down, and not long after the meeting began. We covered a lot of logistical stuff, financial issues, and other little details. Afterwards, I waited around with Suzi and Gracie, and we eventually went over to Chick Fil A and got smoothies. While down there, I ran into Gretchen and Pinto, and we talked for a long time about weird honors-kid-type-things. It was awesome. Eventually, I came back to the dorm, only to find my friends partially angry at me for being gone so long. I explained, and they were most gracious. I ended up staying up until about 3 editing together the questions video from earlier in the day. Jesus must love me, because I did it without Dani knowing. Genius again.

5) Lots of pictures.
Around 9:15 Friday morning, I received a phone call from Chelsea Brown, who was wondering where I was. I got up, got ready, and met her family at the GC. Her dad and brother ended up going to an engineering class, so Chelsea, her mom Patricia, and me hung out. After Tyler’s class, we walked over to chapel together, made plans for lunch, then went and sat down, me in my section, and them in the balcony.
After chapel, we went to Panera, had a great time chatting about ORU things, dorm things, and other college-related topics. We returned to campus around 1:15, Mr. Brown and Tyler went to security to deal with a ticket, while Patricia, Chelsea, and I went over to Claudius so that I could show them the dorm. They liked it. Yay!
At 1:30, they left, and I went to meet Janine. We ended up going to her and Caleb’s new apartment. It is going to be so awesome! I’m excited.
I then went to class. Jesus really loves me, because I reconciled a bad score from the latest government exam. I then came back and disappeared with Hannah for a vague amount of time. We started off going to one of the local police departments to get some documents signed for Hannah, then we went to CiCi’s pizza. We ate so much pizza! we ate a whole pizza between us, and had about half a pizza each on the side of that! It was crazy good.
After that, we went to Jen’s house and hung out while she had a girl’s night. A lady from India came and did henna tattoo’s on Hannah, and a few of the other ladies there. I ended up somehow holding a cute little baby boy who was quite content being held. His name was Cohen 😀
We left after a while and came back to the dorm. I ended up finishing backing up my large photo collection, then proceeding to delete around 1800 pictures from my library. It was a happy feeling. Then I think I went to bed. Who knows. It all ends in sleep anyway.

Rachel and Cardiff – egged.

6) Oh wow.
Saturday morning started off with a fundraiser trip with my tours team. We went “egging.” This means that we walk door to door asking people if they would give us money in turn for the pure thrill of smacking an egg on our heads. In about 2 hours, Jesus gave us over $1,000! It was so amazing! At one house, the lady was like, “I couldn’t…I just couldn’t do that!” (in relation to smacking our heads with an egg) Another lady said, “Salmonella isn’t good for your skin…Don’t you know what part of the chicken the egg comes out of anyway??” I then later rebutted her after we left her abode by saying, “Don’t you know where you came from??” We got a good laugh.
Meanwhile, we went to lots of houses, and my half of the team got one or two houses that actually cracked an egg on us. The other houses were too compassionate and just gave us money. How wonderful.
Afterwards, I quickly scampered back to campus, changed clothes, and left with Jess, Clarissa, and Hannah. We made our way over to Mrs. Powell’s (Karen from now on) house to set up for the surprise bridal shower. After setting up, we waited…and waited…and waited for Dani and Nathan to show up. I paced. I don’t pace. I was nervous. Very very nervous. So nervous that after she showed up, I had such an adrenaline rush that I all I wanted to do was collapse in a heap on the floor somewhere. So, I went and looked at the fish tank in the next room because fish are relaxing…or so they say. Whatever.
So anyway, I was posted at the window. Watching. Waiting. Scanning.
The moment came. Nathan and Dani pulled into the drive. I screamed. Everyone took their place in the kitchen. The final countdown was on. What stinks for us is that they ended up staying outside in the car for like five minutes talking. Please join me now as we re-join the suspense.

The Girls

The air was thick with suspense as the attendees of the bridal shower awaited the grand entrance of her majesty, Sarah Danielle, and her betrothed, his highness Nathan the Daniel. The few moments seemed like eternity to the group inside the house. Meanwhile, their majesties took their time discussing deep topics of the kingdom in their chariot that was parked outside the large automatic gate people call a garage door. Finally, after about a century or two of waiting, the greying folk inside the house got to see the sight they’d been awaiting for all those years…her Majesty, Sarah Danielle, entered the house, unaware of what awaited her inside. At the sight of the aging party-ers inside, she gasped and let out a cry of despair…

Okay okay, so it wasn’t a cry of despair, and we weren’t old and greying. But she really did cry. It was touching. I almost cried. Seriously. Hannah went up to her and held her while she cried. Then we pulled out the Pies de Renaissance (or however you spell it), Dani’s mom. When she entered the room, Dani melted all over again. Nathan’s and all of the bridesmaid’s faces were full of pleasure, similar to what it would look like if Hoover dam broke. It was wonderful.
After the initial shock of it all, Dani recovered and the party was on. We ate lots of yummy horse dervies (ors-‘derves), played fun games like making Dani and Nathan wedding garbs out of toilet paper, and quizzing Dani on how well she knows Nathan. We also watched as she unwrapped her lovely gifts and squealed at the sight of the wonderful things inside.

Dani and Nathan

We watched the photo slideshow, and everyone made it through without crying…until the end when Dani’s mom broke out in tears. I almost cried again. Instead, I buried my face in the pillow I was laying on and breathed deeply. This was actually quite relaxing, but that’s not what I was originally talking about. Oh well.
Anyway, after a while of fun-ness, the party winded down. Dani and her mom left and went to kill Dena’s (Dani’s mom) shopping bug. We cleaned up and returned to our humble abodes in the tower they call Susie. Jess and I started watching “You’ve Got Mail,” except she fell asleep. So, then it was me watching the movie. Hannah came in and fell asleep on the bed next to me, so then it was still me watching the movie. Around 7 or something, Dani called us and told us to get ready, ’cause we were going to Olive Garden! So Jess, Hannah, and I piled into my car and went to meet Dani and Dena at Olive Garden. We waited outside for a while, I almost got run into twice by cars that were in reverse, and life went on. We ate our lovely dinners, talked about wonderful things, then as tradition holds, came back to the dorm.

The girls at dinner with momma Holgerson (minus me)

I then proceeded to play Wii with Dena. She smoked me.
It was ridiculous. She beat me in bowling, tennis, and boxing. My only victory was when we played boxing for the second time. I definitely smoked her like beef jerky in a smokehouse. Aah, the taste of victory…surprisingly, it doesn’t taste like chicken.
Dani and her mom left, and I finished the movie from earlier. Then I went to bed.
I love bed. Have I mentioned this at all?

7) lovely sunsets.
This morning, I decided to not be a heathen. I went to church.
I assumed that Janine and all of my other friends from church had gone the past evening, so I sat by myself in the second row of the far right section next to a precious old lady named Marjorie. She later commented that she liked it when I kicked my shoes off, because it reminded her of a story about some nice dance where “these sharp lookin’ kids got to the dance and took their shoes off.” Or something like that…
After church, I happened to run into Janine and all them. We all then drove back to campus. Megan, Janine, and I left again and went to the 3D leader’s meeting, had food, listened to a meeting, then came back to campus. I then worked on Janine’s second video for her and Caleb’s wedding, finished that, then went out to dinner for Rachel Hood’s birthday, which was actually yesterday, if we want to get really specific. I had no clue who was going to be there. I was determined to go anyway.

Rachel’s party!

Turns out I knew most of the group. The ones I knew were as follows: Rachel, Foster, Nan, Sarah Innis, Brooke, and Erica. It was nice to get to hang out with all of them. Dexter (my camera) enjoyed the party too. He got passed around to all the girls…teehee.

After the party, Foster, Nan, Sarah, and I took pictures of the gorgeous sunset from the parking lot, then Foster and I looked at all the pictures. I then went down to Foster’s room and played piano for a while after she finished her practicing. Nan came in and did homework while I serenaded her and Foster. Eventually, Rachel Hood came in. This is where I got in trouble. Apparently, I had forgotten to tell Rachel that I’ve played classical piano for 10 years. Nan had me play my Toccata, my best piece, for Rachel. From what Nan said, Rachel’s mouth was open the whole time in awe. I then got a slight verbal lashing for holding this as a secret. Heh…oops.
I played for quite a while in Foster’s room. I then WD-40’d her door, then came back upstairs and started writing this here update. This one is really really long. So many stories.

Nan dancing in the sunset 🙂

So little time.

Thankfully, facebook doesn’t have a character limit on notes.
I foiled the system.

K I’ma go now.
ooohhkay bye.


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