Make today a masterpiece

Last week, I was reading “The Good and Beautiful Community,” by James Bryan Smith. I came across a quote that essentially said, “Make today a masterpiece.” This caught my eye…and reminded me of my recent post on YOLO. It is also an interesting context when put in context with my recent trip to El Salvador. Here are my thoughts about it:

First, in striving to make the most of each day, since we only live once, I also want to take caution to make sure my daily activities contribute to the masterpiece that I am creating with my life. This plays in directly with the Christian faith – I want to do my best to live every day as part of God’s master plan. If it were a play, I want to be able to play my part to the best of my ability, and not upstage the other characters with my actions.

Francisco, the 102 year old man, and myself.

Second, in context of my recent El Salvador experiences, I want to make today a masterpiece through highly valuing those I am with. I was reminded today of a quote that someone said about me when we debriefed the trip – “You held people’s hands and you saw them.” How often do we get the opportunity to slow down, hold people’s hands and truly see them? I loved the community aspect of the El Salvadorian culture – we were welcomed in with open hands, with hearts that were willing to share their story, and with loving embraces.

I want to see people…not just pass them by.
I want to make today a masterpiece.
Are you in?

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