Alternate Endings

One thing I absolutely love to do is change the endings of stories. This usually happens in an improv fashion while I am calling my mom, sister, or grandma. I dial their numbers, they answer, and I immediately dive into a one-of-a-kind version of “Goldilocks and the Three Bears.” It goes something like this:

“…and then the momma bear said to the poppa bear, ‘who has been eating my porridge?’ Then they looked and looked all over the house and found Goldilocks asleep in a corner, because unbeknown to her, the bears had drugged the porridge and gone out for a walk. Their plan worked! They called the police, who came and took Goldilocks to prison. Her explanation for her actions: “Of course I ate the porridge! How often do you get to eat hot porridge made by talking bears?!'”

There is quite the plethora of possible endings to this story, and many other stories. I’d like to think that the ending to my story isn’t firm either.

What are you going to do to rewrite some endings today?

  1. The “Stinky Cheese Man” lives on forever through you!


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