Flashback Friday: The Adventures of College Life XLII

This update is from June of 2008, during the summer between my freshman and sophomore years of college at ORU. You’ll meet my friend Stacee, Megan, Emily, my soon to be roommate at that point Chelsea, and a few other fun characters.  Most of these friends are still residing in Kansas City, still having fun, still living!

Enjoy the world through my eyes in 2008 🙂


Table of Contents:
1) “Look at that mask!”
2) “Look at that ugly man! Are you a girl?”
3) More VBS
4) VBS Cont’d
5) sleep…
6) dad’s day eve.
7) Dad’s day!

The update.

Me with the lips mask

1) “Look at that mask!”
Monday started off the week with a bang. I randomly decided (with much persuasion from friends) that I would volunteer my time this week to VBS at church. I hadn’t previously known about the exact week of VBS, so I hadn’t signed up, given that I was out of the country. So, when I showed up, I talked to Gail and she immediately set me up with Stacee Showalter, who was working on several projects. Because I was there and had Dexter (my camera), Stacee and I were able to put together these “Spotlight Dramas” that came along with the curriculum. The job: Follow the spotlight drama manual and get pictures of kids posing in pre-determined positions. Then, insert said pictures into pre-made slideshow. Then, show the slideshow to aforesaid kids. Sounds easy, right? Well, it was. Yay!
That was only one of the tasks that Stacee and I were set out to conquer throughout the week. Our other tasks included counting the offering daily, calculating totals, preparing a “consequence” for the losing team’s leader (boys vs. girls), and carrying out the consequence at the end of the VBS day. Monday’s count was pretty easy. The kids were just getting acclimated to the whole VBS thing. The girls won pretty easy…so Pastor Brian got cake splatted in his face…although we previously said that we weren’t having a consequence on the first day. Tricky, eh? I think it was genius.

Throughout the morning, Stacee and I had fun taking pictures of kids. I decided to spice up the day and wear a mask. This isn’t just any old mask…no…it is a mask that i’ve had the dream of wearing for several years, ever since I found it in the resource room while working for Allison. Wow that’s a long time ago!

So anyway, Stacee and I walked around with my camera and took pictures of kids. Most of the kids were shocked initially at the horrendous mask I was wearing and they would ask questions, point fingers, and laugh after they got over the shock. It was great. Stacee would pose the kids while I took the pictures. The only time I removed the hideous mask was when we retreated to the resource room or to the sound booth to work on the slideshows. It was fabulous.
That day after VBS, I was invited to go to lunch at Panera with Megan Miner and Emily Crawford. We had a good time talking, laughing, and eating food. It was an adventure spending time with those girls after having been gone for so long!! It was refreshing, for sure.

Em with a crowd of art

After lunch, Emily and Megan left and I waited at Panera for Emily Wells, because I was scheduled to do a photoshoot with her that afternoon. After a little while, she arrived, and we headed off towards the Plaza. While driving, I realized that I had that lovely bodily sensation that informed me of my need to release liquids out of my body…so, when Em and I arrived at the Nelson-Atkins museum of art, we quickly went in search of a restroom, because both of us had to go.

Turns out, much to our dismay, that the museum is closed on Mondays. So, we took some pictures outside on the grounds, then made our way to the Plaza, where we knew there were bathrooms. Upon our arrival at the plaza, we found a parking garage, parked, then started walking. We passed several stores, and finally came to a Cold Stone Creamery, where we decided we should discharge our bodily fluids while splitting an ice cream. It was a good decision. While I was in the ladies room, Em ordered ice cream, then we left, ate while we walked, and took pictures at the big horse fountain right outside the main plaza strip. It was good bonding time for sure. 😀

Then we walked back towards cold stone, took pictures along the way, and found out that Dexter’s battery was running low. So, I switched batteries…then found out that my back-up battery was low too. So, we did a quick switch-o-change-o with Em’s wardrobe and set out to get all of the life we could out of Dexter’s batteries. So here’s how it worked: We would take pictures until Dexter would protest, then we’d switch batteries until that one protested, and the process went on until the batteries gave way. Sad.
Then we walked back to our cars and left. I came home and had the evening to spend relaxing with the family…but I messed up a little.
During Em’s photo shoot, I noticed a lot of dirt on my lens. So, I set out to clean Dexter. While cleaning him, I touched the shutter leaves in the back of the camera (the black pieces that cover the CCD chip in digital cameras, or the 35mm film in regular cameras), and bent one of them. So, Dexter decided to not work anymore. I made a few phone calls and got some not happy answers. From one place, I was told that it would be a $60 diagnostic fee just to look at Dexter…this is without fixing. The timeframe could be a few weeks. Another place told me to bring him in and they’d look at it. I took the second option. So, yes…more on that in tomorrow’s section.
I don’t remember what we did Monday night, but it probably consisted of a movie with my parents. I love my parents. 😀

Tuesday brought about VBS day 2. On this day, I decided to wear a full-head mask that resembled an old man, or for Biblical purposes, Moses. I freaked quite a few kids out on this one, because they couldn’t see my real hair! The favorite quote from the day regarding my mask was, “Look at that ugly man!! Wait….are you a girl???” Then Stacee, my faithful sidekick in pictures would say, “Oh, it’s just my friend Mo. Nothing to worry about.” Then the kids would shrug their shoulders and walk away. It worked out fabulously. The typical reaction was a point and stare complex that Stacee and I saw a lot, especially when we went to take pictures of the pre-schoolers. Haha….
VBS day 2 also started out great, because Ryan Kerr, Stacee, and I had come to an agreement that we’d buy each other Starbucks every morning. I had the first morning, Stacee the second, and Ryan the last. So, on my way to church, I stopped at the Starbucks inside the Hen House on Johnson and I-35 and got us all some good caffeinated beverages. It was glorious. So, we all got our mornings started on the right foot…with sugar filled, caffeinated, not too good for us drinks. Yesssss.
After the first big session, Stacee and I went upstairs to count change. The boys had a MASS of change. It took us almost an hour and a half to count all of it! The boys almost beat the girls just in their change! The girls had something like $94 total (cash + change) and the boys had like $92 in just change. Then they had like $62 in cash also! So, Ms. Gail got oatmeal dumped on her head at the end of the day, much to the elation of the all the male gendered people in the sanctuary that afternoon. It was lovely.
After VBS, I went to hang out with Megan again. I followed her to Wal-Mart, where she got her oil changed. We walked around the store, got socks, face wash, and other various things, then headed off to McDonald’s for a healthy treat. . . or not. We each got the 1/4 pounder with cheese combo meal with sweet tea (Mattie, you’ve got me hooked!). Then we sat and leisurely ate our goodness over a good conversation about life. It was super awesome to catch back up with Megan on life and stuff since I hadn’t had the opportunity to really talk with/to her in a while. Yay!
Then we had to go back to Wal-Mart, get Meg’s car, then we each went our separate ways. I came back home and began work on preparing myself for Civil Air Patrol that evening. Since this was my first meeting back all year, I decided to do some uniform work to ensure that my uniform is spiffy all-around. I had to do some sewing, shining, and other various tasks, which I got done in record time. Eventually, my parents came home from their different locations, we all ate something, then we all left to our destinations for the evening. Mom and I went to CAP and had a good time. Only two people at the squadron knew that I was coming, so it was a surprise to mostly all there that I was in attendance. Because no one knew I was coming, I was able to spend a majority of the evening getting to know the senior members of the squadron that I hadn’t previously had time to get acquainted with. It was wonderful. I like talking to people who have more experience than me.
By the end of the night, the new cadets weren’t as scared of me as they were upon initial observation, I reminded them to get their uniforms in snappy shape, and boom. It was over. Eventually, mom and I left, came home, and went to bed. Happiness ensues.

Stacee and me!

3) More VBS
Wednesday arrived, right on schedule.
On this fine day, I decided to once again wear the full-head Moses mask throughout the duration of the VBS period. It was quite fun seeing the kids get slightly used to me in that hideous thing. Hehe.
Stacee and I once again had lots of fun counting the offering. We had so many coins from the past three days that we decided it was time to consolidate the Lord’s gains and put it into someone else’s hands. Throughout the week, we had been separating the coins into their denominations (pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, and the occasional canadian penny or chuckie cheese token), then after counting, placing them into plastic baggies by their type. We had filled up an index-card size box full of coins. It had the weight of a small child! For exaggeration purposes, we decided that it could’ve been a large child, or a dog. yep. 😀
So, I volunteered after the offering count to run the goods down to the church office where the accountants would further take care of the small child weighted box of coins. It was quite a relief to get rid of that thing! My arm was becoming sore just from carrying the box into the church office and to the accountant’s room! That’s how crazy heavy it was.
When I got back to the church, Stacee and I resumed our normal duties again of taking pictures. We went from room to room interrupting teachers and classes all for the sake of pictures. What a good excuse. At the end of our picture taking spree, we retreated to the sound booth, put together our picture goodness, then schemed about the offering consequence for the day….CAKE BATTER!!! whoohoo! We had decided earlier in the day to not tell either party’s leader (boys or girls) who won the offering challenge for that day. Little did Pastor Brian know, but he was only moments away from having a nice thick coating of chocolate cake batter all over his head. MuahahahahahahaHAHAHAHAHHA!

Cake batter!!

The time for the offering came. I put on the big lips mask and waited backstage for Stacee’s cue to bring out the cake batter. The time came. I entered, stirring the brown goodness. We announced the loser. Brian kneeled in the plastic tub, dreading what was about to come his direction. Gail and I proceeded to slowly pour the brown liquidy goodness onto the smooth, shaved baldness of Brian’s head and down over his shoulders and body. It was lovely how the batter conformed so smoothly to his head! I decided to take the opportunity in front of me and make art. I drew a smiley face on Brian’s chocolate-covered head. It was super fun. Hehe

Then, not long after that, the VBS day was over.
The rest of the day had just begun, though.
My good friend Bethanie Jacobson came over for the afternoon to play. We had a lovely lunch of salmon patties, peas, and chips. Exquisite, I know.

Then we proceeded (after much laughter and eating-ness) downstairs to watch Meet the Robinsons. While we did that, I took advantage of the time in front of me and I started a project for Kendra Shaw. She had asked me to put together a slideshow for her of the events of the week. So, I took the pictures that another lady had taken, sorted through them, and compiled them into a slideshow. Lovely. After all that work, it was time for Bethanie to leave for church. I stayed behind because I had lots to do. Once she left, I began my work…
I finished the slideshow, then began work on my much belated thank-you notes to those who sponsored me on my trip to Slovenia/Romania. I folded them, stuck them in envelopes, addressed them, stamped them, and yes. It was productive. The whole time I was doing this, Sarah Johnson, my APA for next year, kept me company over facebook chat. We went in and out of random conversation, getting to know each other better all the while. 😀
After a while, my parents came home, I completely finished up my project, and I hit the hay (went to bed).

4) VBS Cont’d
On Thursday, I decided that I was going to freak the kids out in a different sort of way…using reverse psychology! So instead of wearing a mask, I wore my face. This took the young’uns off guard, because they were used to seeing my face as some old fart of sorts. They’d ask Stacee and I questions like, “Weren’t you the one with the mask?” “Where’s your mask at?” Stacee and I would slyly come back with comments like, “What mask?” “This is Joy’s first day here…” “Mask? I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
It was slick.
Anyhow, Stacee and I did offering count for the last time together on this Thursday. It was a time of bonding, drinking coffee, and laughing intensely at our temporary insanity. I made mention that lately, whenever i’ve smelled a white mocha coffee, it makes me think of her. She came back with some clever remark that i’ve blocked out of my mind for purposes that are beyond this note. (jk)

We had lots of laughs at how alike and crazy we are. At one point, Brian cracked a joke and we both did a fake laugh and ended at the same time. It was oddly wonderful. Then, we laughed more at how weird we are. Brian asked if he needed to leave the room…haha

After offering, Stacee and I went around and interrupted more classes for the sake of photography, yes, even flash photography. When we had finally completed the required pictures for the day, I went up to the sound booth and proceeded to upload the pictures onto the computer. Somehow, the computer ate the pictures. They were no more. Poof. Gone. History. You get my point.
So, Stacee and I made a mad dash through the pre-school room to get all of the pictures again…but with little kids instead. We managed to get the slideshow done in just enough time for Stacee to leave early with her kids for a Royals game that her family had tickets to that afternoon. So, then it was my job to relay the consequence to the leaders and kids.
Let’s just say that the kids are extremely loyal to their leaders. They will do almost anything to ensure that their leader wins.
On that note…
I entered the stage.
I picked up a mic and began to relay the important information to kids of all ages that were gathered together in the sight of God and man, to hear the fate of their leaders.
The boys had 100 something dollars. they cheered madly.
The girls had over 300 dollars! they won!
So, Brian got baked beans dumped on his head.
It was great.

After VBS, Bethanie and I went home to my house, ate lunch again, watched Enchanted, and I finished up the slideshow for Kendra. Then we got the devious idea to pull out my marshmallow guns from my college stuff and take them to the VBS finale that evening. It was a mark of pure genius.
We left my house a little early and stopped by a Hen House to get some marshmallows. Then we drove up to the church. The finale service went really well. Bethanie ended up doing the video, and I ended up running sound! It rockedeth. Afterwards, we pulled out the marshy guns and went upstairs where we were less likely to be caught. Then we picked out our first victims….Shanna Jacobson and Karla Blake. We shot several marshmallows at them and then ran away. haha.
Then we shot more marshmallows, then went outside. Right as we got outside, the local tornado sirens went off. Yep, there were tornadoes by the church. So, we went back inside, then proceeded to have a marshmallow war upstairs with the Emilys (crawford and wells). So it was the Emily’s against Bethanie and Joy. I think Bethanie and I won, but it is still up for debate. Anyway, by this point, it was raining in torrents and they herded all of us into the sanctuary, where we were safe. I ended up playing piano with Emily Crawford for a while, then when they told us we were free to go, I called my mom on Gail’s phone, told her I was coming home, took Bethanie back to her apartment, then proceeded home, in little-to-no rain. Then mom and I looked at the weather, and went to bed.
Exciting, right?

5) sleep…
Friday I accidentally slept until 12:30. I’m serious. It was a complete accident.
Anyway, after my long sleep, I was able to hang out with my lovely mother for a while, then I decided I should actually do something with my day…so I took a shower, then started going through my mass of pictures on my iPhoto. Before I knew it, it was time for dinner, so I went downstairs, helped mom finish dinner, then I ate. After dinner, dad, mom, and I watched the newest episode of America’s funniest home videos (one of my favorite shows), then watched National Velvet, a classic. It was a good night.
I ended up staying up until 12:30 or so reducing my iPhoto from 5,200 pictures to under 2,000. It was quite a job. Phew.

6) dad’s day eve.
On Saturday, I woke up late (yay!), mowed the lawn in an arc shape, took a shower, attempted to clean my room, then by that time, I had to leave for band practice, for I played at church this weekend. After practice, we played for service, and I stayed in service and sat with Stacee for the duration thereof. We had a good time together until mom called and I left to take the call. Mom and Megan Miner were meeting me at the church at 6:30 to go up to the YouthFront auditorium to see Culture House’s School of Dance’s year-end performance, called “The Secret Garden.” It was all of their classes that year performing their different styles all under the same common theme of the secret garden. It was awesome sauce! I went to see Chelsea, my roomate for next year, and Addy, one of the cute little kids from church, dance. They did so good! I was able to speak with Chelsea afterwards, and it was so good to re-connect with her as well! Throughout the play, Mom, Megan, and I had fun attempting to interpret the fine arts, given that we are un-educated in matters of that high caliber. About 1/3 of the way into the production, we figured out the system and were able to more fully appreciate the presentation of fine arts before us without as much confusion. 😀
After the play, we stuck around a while, talked to people, then left. Mom dropped me and Megan off at the church to grab our cars, then we all went home and slept. Yay!

7) Dad’s day! (dad showing me old FD cards, church [playing, LR, socializing, playing again], lunch with the Sharons, update.)
Happy Father’s day, Dad!!
Today is the day where little sunday school children all over the world strive to craft the finest father’s day card they can out of printer paper and crayons. I participated in this annual tradition. did you?
I’ll get back to that.
So this morning, I got ready, ironed my shirt, then sat down for a nice cold breakfast of cereal and milk. Mid-way into my lunch, Dad came down and presented before me several father’s day cards that I had made him in the past. It was quite entertaining to see how different my styles have been in the past! I got a big laugh out of my early days of creative writing. 😀
After breakfast, we piled into the family car and headed off to church. Once we arrived at church, I tuned up my bass and proceeded to hurry up and wait for service time to come. Once it came, I played, then found out that Little Rock was extremely low on help. Since I went to service last night, I decided to ask mom and dad if I could help out in little rock just this once. they agreed, and I got to play with cute little 4 year olds today. We had fun telling stories, eating goldfish, drawing on printer paper for our dads, and being cute.
After service, I socialized with fun people in the mall, then played again for second service. After second service, I packed up my bass, and went to lunch with my family and the Sharon’s (Sharon Walsh + Grandma Sharon). We went out to Sweet Tomatoes and had a lovely extended lunch. Throughout the lunch, we had great talks, ate fabulous food, and laughed. It was good.
After lunch, we came back here and I started writing this here update.
These things take so long! Geez!
Now it is raining outside and i’m going to wrap this thing up and go watch a movie.
K you all rock.

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