The Future, BHAGs, and who knows what…

The other day, my friend Chelsea and I were walking around Ikea.  As we passed the desk section, we both sat down opposite of each other at a double desk station that had two mirrored workstations.  As I looked across the desk from Chelsea, I found myself saying, “Someday, we could work together and have desks like this!”

This isn’t the first time we have talked about the concept of working together…nor will it be the last.  For the past year or so, Chelsea has been turning into the cupcake baker extraordinare, and I am her loyal sidekick.  We have joked about someday opening a cupcake shop, being on Cupcake Wars, and baking all day.  Then that idea was merged with a concept for a coffee shop.  Cupcakes and coffee go together, right?

Then we realized that neither of us have a financial, numbers-centered brain…so we told our friend John about it.  He’s in.

Our next challenge – what niche could we fill?  John is a big fan of my homemade pizza with stuffed crust.  I’m sure we could find a coffee connoisseur to join us.  We could do sandwiches, pastries, and cupcakes.

Oiy.  Who knows where this will go, if it goes anywhere.

The fun part is writing it out like a fairy tale and daring to dream.

The matching twin desks. 🙂

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