Community Crafting

In my last post, I mentioned the newfound love of playing music in small community.  I’d like to present another facet of community: CRAFTING!  I found so much joy in being allowed a whole day to simply be artsy.

Just in case you are wondering, I purposely used the word “allowed,” because I know that I, personally, don’t usually see a whole lot of logical productivity in crafting.  Whenever I attempt to be crafty on my own, I usually end up distracted, and doing twelve other higher priority tasks instead of finishing my intended project.

Thankfully, this wasn’t the case this past Saturday.  Chelsea, Kristen, and I had been talking about having a “crafty day” for about a month when we finally got it on the calendar…and that was back in September.  About three weeks ago, the idea emails started coming…and all of them ended with something like, “What would you like to do, Joy?”

Let’s back up a little here and set a few things straight.  First off, I am not an awesome gift giver.  If I find something that makes me think of you, i’ll buy it and give it to you right away.  I am terrible at waiting.  Second, I avoided giving Christmas gifts for many, many years, simply because I didn’t know what to get people.  Third, the thought of getting Christmas gifts stresses me out.  Lastly, I am currently in an unemployed state, which doesn’t bode well for store-bought pleasantries.

Now that I’ve got all of that out on the table, I have the feeling you’ll empathize with me a little more.  Up until Thursday night, I had no firm projects laid out, no supplies, and not a whole lot of inspiration.  Then the pressure hit.  I forced myself to mind-map out gifts*, organize and categorize everything possible, make out a supplies list, and even sketch some rough drafts.  By Friday morning, I was feeling pretty confident.  I picked up all of my supplies on my way home to make pizza for jam night, and was ready to hit the crafting come 9:00 AM on Saturday.

[*Obligatory Caveat*
Given that the people I made gifts for read this blog, I can’t exactly tell you what I made, though that would be absolutely fun.  I’ll give vague details, but that’ll have to suffice for now.  My apologies.]

Crafty day started on time, with Chelsea and I practically moving into Kristen’s dining room.  The table was covered in plastic, and was soon taken over with projects that included fizzy things, sugar, salt dough, markers, stamps, mason jars, cookie cutters, paints, wood, and many other fantastic supplies.

One of my favorite moments was when we all realized that time was flying.  In all, we crafted for about 11 hours, with two meal breaks squished in there.  Even though Chelsea had started off the crafty day by insisting that, “We aren’t in a hurry,” we all got more done than anticipated, shared good quality time, and left with happiness in our hearts.

I am so glad God built us for community!

Here are some photos from our crafty day:

  1. Hey Joy! Looks like you had tons of fun! We’re having the pastor and his family over today, and we’re going to make sugar cookies! I’m really excited, I love doing sugar cookies. 🙂 We keep something special in our recipe box that Jessie wrote a long time ago, it’s a sugar cookie recipe that is entitle “shooger” cookies. 🙂


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