The Nugs and Thoughts About Seasons…

Nugget 🙂

Last week I was hanging out at Chelsea’s house in my favorite grey chair that is located in the living room.  Chelsea’s dog, Nugget (a.k.a. “Pants,” “Nugs,” “Nuggies”) has decided in essence that I am his playmate.  Every time I walk in the door he immediately gets feisty and wants me to chase him.  So we usually run the roundabout paths that go from the front room, around the dining room table, into the kitchen, around the island, into the living room, around the coffee table, through the hallway, and back into the front room.  We have done this many, many times.  It is one of those events that is predictable.

Oddly enough, Nugs didn’t look to play a game of tag.  Instead, he crawled up on my lap and snuggled in for a nap.  Given that “Favorite,” is my formal title on my mom’s side of the family, in addition to the obligatory status of “Aunt[ie] Joy,” I wouldn’t expect anything less from Nugs.  As he nestled in, Chelsea mentioned, “You’d better enjoy it while it lasts.  He doesn’t do this often!”


We then began to talk about how the same rule applies for other things in life – like my niece Haddie, for instance.  The holding and rocking phase is over with Haddie.  She is now onto army crawling, holding her own bottle, and eating real food.  I won’t be able to go back and re-live the infant season again.

This plays right into my recent kick on YOLO – You Only Live Once.  In this context, YOLO is the importance of enjoying every moment and every season for simply what it is as I stand and look at it right now.  The seasons aren’t always the prettiest or most smooth, but yet each has its special takeaway gems that will never be easily forgotten.

Enjoy the moment!  This doesn’t always happen often!

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