Flashback Friday: The Adventures of College Life V

When I posted this back in September of 2007, I got in some trouble with mom.  Apparently, I decided to write about the near-death experience that I had just had before calling mom…so she found out about the whole ordeal through my writing.  As is customary, I didn’t provide the details she needed to know – like if my new camera was with me, if I was hurt, etc.  Grandma even got in on the whole thing and called mom to make sure I was okay.

Man.  Freshman year was entertaining!
Brace yourself for this one!


The main happenings of my life since last Sunday – Band Auditions, Touring the Tulsa World newspaper facility, and the Honors Program retreat.

My bass at auditions

So, last Wednesday was auditions for the chapel worship band. Was I nervous?  A little…but I don’t get nervous very easy…But anyway…
Auditions started at 5, so naturally, I got there around 4:45 to be on the safe side. I met up with Sharon and Kaley (Sharon was auditioning for keys, Kaley was moral support) and the fun began. I was the only girl bass auditionee out of a group of maybe 15 guys. I was #11 on the list. They had us group with our judge for the instrument we were auditioning for. The guys oddly enough made a circle around the guy and happened to leave me out. Don’t worry, it all worked out, b/c I knew most of the information my judge was communicating to the group. So, finally they tell us that we can go sit in the audience and listen/watch while the main band played the two songs for us so that we could know the order. The Lord was very good to me, because He had helped me figure out how to practice bass to music without an amp…I just put my ear flush on my bass and I can hear it! yay! So, while the other bass guys are watching, i’m practicing. I know that I got several weird looks, because it just looks weird to see someone playing bass with their head layed on the top… So we waited for a long time while they got to bass player #11. ..me. I get up there and play. Sharon tells me that the bass judge was mezmorized, which slightly fascinates me to some degree. He tells me later that he wants me to stick around and play again. So, I did. I didn’t feel totally confident in what I played, because it is really hard to play confident when other band members are unsure of themselves. But the good Lord gave me the strength to press on to win the prize. In summary (cause this is getting really long and I have a lot more to write about) I made callbacks…which meant that I played again the following night at 5. As I looked at the callback list, I noticed that my name was #1 on the list. I shrugged and moved on. Later on, Becca Rose (Chapel band acoustic player) informed me that the placement of my name under #1 wasn’t due to alphabetic sorting…hmmmm…
So I got to callbacks, played, was decently confuzzled about how I felt I did, and moved on with life.

This is the point where the stories merge like a car on the highway.

So Friday rolls around, which means that it was time to 1) get ready to go on HP retreat and 2) go on a tour of the Tulsa World newspaper.

Friday morning I spent sleeping/packing/thinking. I went to chapel, loved Jesus and the speaker, then quickly went back to my room to grab a granola and goldfish (Thanks Starla!) and move my little rear down to the fishbowl (the area between the dorms) to meet two friends from class. Since I was driving, I got down to the fishbowl early. My two passengers arrived pretty swiftly (cough), and we began our adventure to downtown Tulsa. Once we got to the Tulsa World location at 6th and Boulder, we found a parking spot 3 blocks away, and trekked towards our group. The previous tour started late, due to conflicts with chapel. Our tour was about 15 minutes late starting, but we made it up.

Let me just say that the newspaper plant was just like it looks on the TV shows. The plant is just as complicated as they say.

Okay so let’s fast forward to 4:00, when all of the honors students met outside of security. So here we are, all gaggled up in a confusing mess waiting for further direction. Eventually, we all piled into cars and started on our journey. The conversations in the car I was riding in were very interesting…I just love listening to analysis of midevil literature and Tolkien’s works for about two hours….Honors students….*sigh*

So, we get to the campsite, claim our stakes for sleeping quarters, and commence the funness. Let’s fast forward again to the most suspenseful part of the whole trip: the canoeing adventure.

*begin light, happy music*

So, me, Colleen (you made it to the blog!), and Amanda all pile into a car with Gretchen and our lovely taxi driver whose name I cannot remember. We helped unload the canoes from Dr. Seaman’s canoe rack.


Colleen, Amanda and I piled into a canoe with Amanda at the helm, Colleen at the navigator’s position (middle), and me at the stern. We commenced our journey. Please bear with me as we fast forward once more (*happy music gets faster*)

So, we come around this bend, and boom. there’s a log. A big log. A huge log that was blocking the whole river. The boat ahead of us had slowed down, so we did too. A canoe behind us ended up capsizing, leaving its occupants clinging for dear life on the log.

**Please note that none of these descriptions are exaggerated. I’m seriously not kidding in the least.

Meanwhile, I get out of my canoe and step onto the log to help people, and get my canoe over the log. I somehow slipped, and ended up in the water fighting the current. Thankfully, I still had a hold on my boat.

**Please note that tons of things were all happening at once. Bear with me as I attempt to explain.

The boat that capsized was upside down, and caught on something under the log. Colleen and I were trying to free the boat, to no avail. Meanwhile, Tyler (one of our heroes) was helping also. All of the sudden the canoe went right under the log, taking me with it as far as the log, where I stayed. As I clinged to the log thinking about my next move, Amanda, the amazing woman, was over on the bank knee-deep in mud holding on to two boats. Suddenly, I was pulled under the log into the water. Amanda screamed, but I didn’t hear. Jesus pulled me up, right by the canoe that went under. Right away, my Civil Air Patrol, “let’s get things done now” mentality kicked in, and I began looking for a place to lodge the sinking canoe. Jesus was very gracious and gave me a log in the middle of the river. His timing is so perfect! Not long after I lodged the canoe, Tyler had helped two girls go under the log and out to the other side. They came floating right towards me. Once they got to the boat, I decided to look for our lost paddle, so I waded to shore and ran downstream and back up. I didn’t find the paddle. Shucks.

As i’m coming back up I see Colleen at the lodged boat, along with a green canoe moving fast towards them. I yelled to watch for the canoe. Colleen’s interpretation goes as follows:

“Who’s that blue blob yelling at us?”
“That’s Joy…”
“Joy! YAY!”

They caught the canoe, and safely lodged it. By the time I got back to the “dock” area, we had two capsized canoes, with one upright one lodged ahead. My big lake canoe training from Brookhill Ranch summer camp kicked in, and I instructed the group in the process of flipping over a waterlogged canoe. Jesus gave us amazing strength, and we got both canoes flipped over. Not long after, our two lifeguard heroes,Moselle and Tyler, came downstream, and we deducted that one of them should stay behind to warn the next group. Tyler stayed.

Thankfully, God kept us all alive, leaving the site with only scratches and bruises. 😀

Once we got back to the cabin, we told our story. The group that was about to embark didn’t really believe our story, because it had so many crazy details. In reality, we weren’t exaggerating at all. Thanks to Tyler and Mo’s amazing skills, all of us from that first trip are alive! yayyy!

Later that night, we played two rounds of Picture Telephone (Pictophone) with 18-21 people in the rounds. It took like two hours to do the rounds! It rocked.

This morning, we got up, packed, and came back to campus.

So goes my exciting update.
I am now worn out from writing this.
It definately took me like a half hour or more with a break for lunch and laundry in the middle.

I hope you enjoyed it!

And as a side note, I definately burned a little part of my lip with a marshmallow skewer.



So, i’m on the phone with my grandma, and she informed me that I forgot to include the results of auditions.


I am primary for Worship Tours (international tours over the summer)
and I am alternate for Chapels!



So was the life of Joy in 2007.  Not only did I make the worship team, but I ended up heading overseas to Slovenia and Romania on worship tours that summer for three weeks.  I played bass for ORU during my freshman and sophomore years, and transitioned out during my junior year, as I moved into a more media-focused mindset.

Since the story of the log is written out, it is lacking in the sound effect department, which is usually in play during the retelling.  If you’d like to hear the sound effects, let me know, and I’ll do a dramatic recreation, just for you. 🙂


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