Reunion…and Jani.

The team!

This past weekend, I had the privilege of reuniting with my team from El Salvador.  We met at Joanne’s house, and had an evening full of laughter, memories, food, and as always, Bananagrams!

There is nothing quite like the power of reminiscing.  We talked about life since the trip, ate pupusas, laughed more than should be allowed, and played many, many games of bananagrams.  As I write about this experience, I am realizing the rarity of groups like we had.  We are/were a conglomeration of people, brought together and asked to be a team.  We didn’t know anything about each other, we all came from different backgrounds, are all in unique life situations, and were all looking for a place to serve.  It is so awesome to look back and see how quickly we transformed from a group of individuals to a team.  Sitting around the table with everyone again was a comfortable, familiar place where openness is required, laughter comes naturally, and life is easily shared.  For this, I am grateful.

The lovely Jani

If you happened to read The Adventures of El Salvador  – Day 6, you will remember the story about Jani and how we were able to meet a major need for her.  I am pleased to let you know that not only did Jani have the surgery last week, but she is doing well.  According to Walter’s update email,

“She is back home and recovering very slowly.  They both are very optimistic about her futures.  Both of them asked me to write you a note expressing their gratitude.”

I couldn’t ask for anything more.  I am so grateful that God provided for us so that we could provide for Jani.  God is so good!
I’ll post updates on Jani’s health as I receive them!

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