Bucket list.

For some reason, the topic of bucket lists has been on my mind…I guess it kind of goes along with the job dreaming – if I could do anything right now, what would I do? Oddly enough, it has been really challenging to think of a bucket list. My mind automatically goes to thinking about the logistics it would take in order for each item to be accomplished. That is not the goal of a bucket list. In my mind, a bucket list is one of those BHAG type items – I don’t have to know how to accomplish it, I just need to be able to dream big enough.

Now that I have prefaced this list, behold, MY BUCKET LIST:

Take a trip on a train
Get my glider license
Go to Africa
Knit a blanket
Find a fulfilling job
Ride a camel and an elephant
Visit Yosemite
Visit the Grand Canyon
Go to a circus
Visit the Eiffel Tower
Ride in a hot air balloon
Walk part or all of the Camino de Santiago in Spain
Go to an airport and fly somewhere random
Visit NYC
Learn archery

As I look at this list, I find it interesting how spread out the items are. Some are close, some are far away, some are skills and some are experiences.

It feels good and yet feels scary to look at that list…but maybe someday I will be able to mark every item off!

What is on your bucket list?

  1. Here’s mine 😊
    Visit Scotland and Ireland
    Ride a train
    Fly in a plane
    Go skydiving
    Spend the night in the grand canyon
    Get my grandma to tell me stores about my grandpa
    Go on an out of country mission trip
    Know that I Made a difference in someone’s life
    Make a duct tape dress and wear it in public
    Go to all my siblings’ graduations
    Learn how to drive a stick-shift
    Go to Disney Land
    Visit Paris and see the Eiffel Tower
    See the Statue of Liberty
    Let my parents know how much they mean to me
    See Peter Pan on Broadway


    1. Ooh. I’m adding “Drive a Stickshift” to mine. Good call 🙂
      Come see me and i’ll take you on a train! You can fly in a plane to get here!

      You’re awesome 🙂


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