Never Say Never.

I was chatting with my dad on the phone the other day and casually mentioned that I never wanted to do a half marathon again.  He quickly interjected, “Never say never…you know what happened to your mother and I when we said ‘never.'”  All in a moment’s notice, the stories came flooding back.

Dad – Said he’d never live in Kansas.  My parents have lived in the state of Kansas since the mid 1980’s
Mom – Said she never wanted to get married…and if she did, she’d marry a poor ugly man to get sincerity.  She met and married my dad in the span of a year after saying she was going on a year-long date sabbatical.
Said that if she was going to get married, she was never going to have kids. Well.  Here I am. I’m proof that this one didn’t work.
Mom said that if she did have kids, she would never homeschool…unless God showed up in the living room and told her to.  I was homeschooled from the end of my first grade year up through graduating high school.

All that being said, I quickly rescinded my “never” statement, and replaced it with, “I would rather not run a half marathon again.” Phew.  Narrowly dodged that bullet!

It is interesting how many “never” moments we have that God comes through on…and it turns out for the better.

What are some of your “never” moments?

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