I honestly have one of the best rooms ever.  As I sit at my desk, I look out over a beautiful back yard that in spring and summer is lush with green life.  Beyond the grass lies the wild wood, where a golf course lies a short hike away.  To my right, I see the screen porch that sits a little ways off of the yard, nestled in the trees.  To the immediate left of my window, I see a sprig of ivy that has made its way up the back of the house and graces my windowsill.  This fall, it has been a delight to watch the colors change through my window.  Many of the trees are now barren, but a few still hold onto their leaves.

One of my favorite things to do when I drive alone is to notice the colors of the world around me.  This is especially true on Mundhank road, just outside of Willow.  The trees come together in a beautiful arc over the road that reminds me of the roads in the film, Anne of Avonlea.  It is oddly comforting, seeing the trees come together over the road in a form of covering.

Taking it to a whole new level – I love pulling out the classical music sometimes while driving.  For some reason, I can see what is around me so much clearer when listening to classical music.  Not only do I feel more sophisticated for listening to the musical geniuses of the past, but through the pairing of classical melodies and nature whizzing by my window, I feel God’s pleasure.

Try it: Notice some color today – see the beauty of God shown through nature.

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