Lovable Losers.

We won!

I would like to formally announce that as of last night, the downward streak of the Lovable Losers is over.

Matt and I officially beat the parents last night by closely winning two matches of bocce ball at Pinstripes.  The occasion: Matt’s 16th birthday.  Believe it or not, my cousin-brother is now 16, significantly taller than me, and is old enough to drive a car solo.

It was a tense three games that we played against the parents.  The beauty of bocce ball is that the tide can turn without notice.  It is a game of concentration, and of  controlled touch.  Without realizing it, a player can release a ball too hard, which propels it all the way down the court, past the intended target…but if the ball is released too softly, there is no way it’ll make it.

After several years of practicing, Matt and I, the lovable losers, have finally won a competition.  We’re looking forward to our next large-scale tournament, in which we will take on the rest of the family at the annual Christmas bocce extravaganza.

To our faithful fans – Thanks for your faithful support and belief in us through these hard years.  It is because of you, our loyal fans, that we have even begun to tread where no team of our stature has gone before.  We’d appreciate your prayers and support as we take on the family at Christmas – especially because we were wiped out last time.

But in all seriousness.  I think we have a chance this year.  Watch out, family.  The Lovable Losers are making a comeback.

  1. NOOOO! We will still beat you!!!! Parents rock!!!


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