Bocce, Bowling, and Burgers.

Yesterday morning, I met my friend Joan, her son Mitch, and his friend Kevin at Pinstripes for a little morning fun.  It was “Moms and Tots” bowling day, which meant bowling was $5, and moms bowled for free.  When I showed up three minutes late, I found Joan and the kids in a long line of moms and kids.  I wasn’t exactly expecting to be among a small crowd of kids…but that’s just how it worked out.  Due to the sudden influx of people, the lady at the desk took Joan’s phone number, told us they would call when a bowling lane was open, and in the meantime, we can choose a bocce court and play.

The competition was on.  Mitch and Kevin versus Joan and I.  The boys took a rather aggressive approach, and frequently bowled our balls away from their perfect locations.  Joan and I took the strategy of controlled power.  In the end, it came down to one ball…which wasn’t ours.  The boys won the first round.  After the first game, Mitch lost interest pretty fast, but we kept playing.  Joan and I started off the second game strong, scoring four points in the first round.  The boys steadily creeped up on us, gaining in one point increments until the game was tied…then we got the call that bowling was ready.

As I walked into the bowling alley, I felt a little like I was on stimulus overload.  There were small children everywhere!  The table next to ours had what seemed like 15 water glasses with lids on it, and the three moms were standing behind the table with their coffee mugs watching their small tots attempt the game of bowling.  I turned to Joan and asked if that is what being a mom is like – standing in a small group of women, holding coffee glasses, watching the kids bowl.  We guessed about what they were talking about – diapers, house decoration, school schedules, etc.  Who knows whether we were right or not, but hey.  It was fun in the moment!

Then the bowling began.  Mitch started off strong, followed by Kevin, Joan, then myself.  On my end – I realized once again that I am a terrible bowler.  My first two frames were gutter balls…then I played with bumpers.  I have since come to realize that bumpers are a beautiful thing.  Since I will never go pro with my bowling abilities, I have no shame in requesting bumpers.  My goal today was to break 50.  To my surprise, I ended with a 78!  Ha!

In the middle of our game, the waitress came and took our order.  Since it is Tuesday, it is cheap burger day, so we scored big time!  The downside to bowling and eating – sanitation.  Burgers are finger food…fingers go into bowling balls.  I’m just claiming it all as an immune booster…and wishing that I had sanitizer.

Takeaway point of today:  When bowling on Mom’s and Tot’s day, bring sanitizer and be prepared for stimulation overload.

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