What a Day!

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 Yesterday was quite the adventure!  It began with going for a run, then heading downtown with Aunt Sharon and grandma.  Our stop: Moody Bible Institute’s Radio station.  Aunt Sharon was a guest on Midday Connection with Anita Lustrea and Melinda Schmidt.  Today’s topic was “Collage and Story.”  (You can download the program here!)  It was fascinating to listen from the control room as a grand series of God moments unfolded in the studio.  If you have an hour to spare, this program is worth listening to!

The primary emphasis of the session was to focus on how something as simple as a collage can help with gaining more self-awareness, and through becoming more self-aware, knowing more of who God has created us to be.  This collage-method of relating to God can take many forms – from cutting out and compositing together magazine bits, to meshing colors, to drawing, painting, or any other form of artistically expressing one’s self.  The cool thing about collages is that they aren’t gender specific, contrary to popular belief.  Dave Schmidt, Melinda’s husband, was on the program as well today, and talked about how the power of collage has affected his life as well!  There is nothing quite so satisfying as hearing how God has affected someone’s life for the better.

After our time at the studio, Aunt Sharon, Grandma and I walked to a nearby restaurant called “Yolk.”  This place was awesome.  It is a breakfast and lunch only restaurant that serves an overabundance of phenomenal food.  Grandma and I both ordered breakfast skillets, and Aunt Sharon ordered a turkey sandwich that was garnished with apples and cranberries.  All of us absolutely loved our food.  If you get a chance, check out Yolk!  You won’t regret it!

Then last night, we completely shifted gears.  This weekend, my cousin Matt is in a high school production of “Sound of Music.”  If you’d like to come see it, there is a performance tonight and two tomorrow.  You can find more information on tickets and times on the Westminster Theater website!
The Westminster theatre staff and students have done a fantastic job pulling together the beautiful story of the VonTrapp family and their journey in the 1930’s.  Trust me.  You won’t want to miss this!

Highlight of tonight’s show:
One of the scene changes took a little longer than we expected, and we turned the lights on way too early.  This left the VonTrapp kids, Captain VonTrapp, Elsa, and Max out on the stage, trying to frantically get the puppet stage ready for “The Lonely Goatheard” song.  As the silence became longer and more awkward, Matt (Captain VonTrapp) says, “So, how about that weather?”  Everyone laughed.  The improv only got better from there, including references about silent films, whether Maria will make a good nun (“We shouldn’t talk about this behind her back…”), and other wonderful things.

Who knows what today will bring!  Adventures abound!

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