Countdown to Thanksgiving

Though I may not be ready for Christmas, I am so excited for Thanksgiving.  In a matter of a week, I will be back at home in Kansas, surrounded by loving family, eating good food, and enjoying the simplicity of being.  As I have talked about Thanksgiving with various family members, the energy is overwhelming.  Even grandpa, the one who doesn’t like to talk on the phone much, talked for a whole three minutes about how excited he was for Thanksgiving.

One thing I always leave Thanksgiving with is the beauty of my family.  We aren’t perfect, we all have odd quirks, but yet we all get along.  I have heard of many families who dread the holidays because they simply can’t get along.  This is so hard for me to fathom.  I am so blessed!

I am looking forward to starting some new traditions this year, possibly including running a 5K with Dad, Mom, Matt, and whoever else wants to on Thanksgiving day!

Try something new this holiday season!  You might be pleasantly surprised at the results!

The fam at Thanksgiving, 2010

  1. Joy! I am so excited for Thanksgiving too! I can’t wait! Along with school break, we might spend out Thanksgiving in the Plaza in Kansas City helping to serve dinner at a homeless shelter. I am hoping we get to do that! I am really looking forward to it!


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