A Good Walk.

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to take a walk with my friend Donna.  It has been a while since I have simply taken the time to slow down and just walk.  I have forgotten what quality conversation comes when two people go for a walk.

Back when I was at ORU, my first year as an RA, I had “individuals” with my hall director.  It was a little awkward at first, but I quickly found out that talking and walking made things go significantly smoother.  There is something soothing about going out and walking.  Even if silence happens on a walk, I am still doing something – I am moving forward.

Walking with Donna was a true delight.  There are very few people around that are capable of not only sharing a fantastic story, but also of listening well and making others feel truly heard.  Donna is one of those.

Even in the midst of this difficult season of unemployment, I looked back yesterday and noticed how good God has been.  When I have needed support, God sends the right people.  On the flip side of that, being unemployed has enabled me to be the support that other people need – at just the time they need it.

God is so good.

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