Kitchen Table

Yesterday morning, I had the opportunity to sit with two friends, Kristen and Cindy, at a kitchen table.

I know.  Riveting content, right?

But seriously.  How often do we take time to sit down together, drink hot beverages, and just talk?  After about 40 minutes of simply chatting, which seemed more like 15, I realized how good it feels to listen to others and be listened to in return…all with no catches, no agendas, no time limits.

This weekend, Bill Hybels made a great statement that went something like,

“The definition of friendship is knowing and being known.”

The art of friendship is so easily lost in our hustle and bustle.  I think this is one reason I absolutely love traveling to places like El Salvador.  There is no hustle or bustle there, no garages to hide behind, no air conditioning to keep people inside, no time limits to community.

I want to be a person who knows others and is known.
Do you?

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