Thanksgiving is always one of my favorite holidays, hands-down. I love being together with family, eating good food, and having the freedom to do nothing – without judgment.

This past week, I decided to take a break from blogging and dedicate myself as much as possible to being with family. There is nothing quite like the joy of simply being. I know I have written about it before, but it still rings true.

This thought was reinforced this week as I witnessed the ever-growing cuteness that is my niece, Haddie. I found it so fascinating how easy it was to simply be with her. Though many find kids to be demanding, I found her simply fascinating. One night, we sat on the kitchen floor with her for a half hour while she discovered how to bang on a pot lid with a wooden spoon.

She found the most joy when we took her hands and walked with her, threw her in the air (then caught her), sat down at the piano, and simply took the time to interact with her. It didn’t take fancy toys or interactive learning tools to get onto Haddie’s approved list. Rather, it took consistency of presence, some Cheerios, and many rounds of peek-a-boo. She brings such joy, simply by living. It is a beautiful thing to behold!

For those who were wondering about new thanksgiving traditions: they were a hit! Not only did our family sign as make art all over the tablecloth, but so did everyone that dined with us over the past few days.
The notes inside the rolls also worked out well! It even sparked some new adventures.

All in all, I am so blessed. I love my family, love thanksgiving, and am so grateful for the life God has blessed me with.

What are some of your thanksgiving highlights?

  1. Joyous Joy (JJ) it was wonderful to read your tweet, or is this a Blog? You are so gifted in so many ways, but I love your style in writing, and thoroughly enjoyed reading this. Hope to see you soon


    1. I believe you found the blog post via a tweet…so you’re right both ways!
      Let’s do coffee soon!


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