Community’s Many Faces

Over the past three days, I have experienced the joy of community in so many ways: One-on-one, large group gathering, small groups, volunteer circles and threesome’s. It is so cool to look back and realize how many people I interact with in community that I love dearly. Let’s head back to Saturday for a great example.

Rachel and I after a great day of adventures :)

Rachel and I after a great day of adventures 🙂

On Saturday, I was able to hang out with Rachel, who later discovered that we have known each other for nine years.  She started out as my sister’s roommate back in college, and over the years, we have developed a lovely friendship.  Since Rachel was in town and had an open day, we quickly set out to have some grand adventures.  The most noteworthy adventure was stopping at a small church in Dundee that was advertising a “Luncheon and Bake Sale.”  When we went inside, we learned that not only was there a luncheon and bake sale, but there was also a Christmas gift Bazaar…which turned out to be more bizarre than anything.  But on a bright note, if we wouldn’t have stopped, we would have never found the most creative chair covers ever.  (See Photo)

Limited time offer: Bunny ears and a tail to cover your unsightly chair during the easter season!

Limited time offer: Bunny ears and a tail to cover your unsightly chair during the easter season!

Sunday brought about a whole different face to community: The volunteer group.  I was privileged with filling in as Tech Director (TD) for Student Impact at Willow Creek South Barrington for the morning.  It was so fun to work together with the different groups that make the service run – from audio to lighting, video to bands, pastoral to everything else – we are all part of a community.

I was introduced to an entirely different face of volunteer community on Sunday night, as Willow Creek Huntley had its annual volunteer celebration.  Last year, we had around 90 volunteers at our celebration.  This year, there were around 250 in attendance!  What a thing to celebrate!  There were so many different faces of volunteer areas in the room that are all part of making the church function.  It was a beautiful picture of how the community of Christ is supposed to function.

This evening, I was immersed in small group community, as the Wiser Together group that I joined all came over for our last official gathering of the Wiser Together curriculum.  I am certain that any time there is food, there will be community.  I absolutely love sitting around a table with friends while we eat and share stories of life.

No matter who you are, community is key to thriving through life….and is always a great excuse for eating good food 🙂

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