Galoshes and penguins.

The other night, Aunt Sharon and I were making dinner.  Since I knew that I didn’t need to go anywhere or do anything the rest of the day, I had changed into my comfy pajamas that afternoon.  Seeing that we had some ripe bananas, Aunt Sharon recommended that we make some banana bread…which is ALWAYS a good idea.

As we started pulling out ingredients, the discovery was made.  We had no eggs. Tragedy of all tragedies…

I began to put ingredients back, thinking that I’d just make the banana bread the next day after I ran some errands.  Aunt Sharon wasn’t so quick to throw in the towel.  What was her solution?  Whoever loses a game of rock-paper-scissors goes out to 7-11 and gets eggs.

So much for my not going anywhere for the rest of the day plan. There I stood – thinking down the list of things I’d need to do to get ready to go to 7-11 – when Aunt Sharon told me to just go…in my pajamas.  In my head, going places in PJ’s isn’t exactly kosher. In fact, just the other day I saw a girl run across a large intersection in blue fuzzy snowflake PJ pants, and it only reinforced my dislike of going out in public in one’s PJ’s.

Nevertheless, eggs had to be purchased.  I did the best thing I could think of to jazz up my red skiing penguin pajama pants – I put on my polka-dotted rain boots.  I mean hey.  If I am going to go out in my PJ’s, I may as well go out in style.  Uncle Tom even complimented my style through saying that he had never loved me more. 🙂

One of my mantras is that even if I don’t feel confident doing something, I’m going to still try to do it with confidence….so I tromped into 7-11, acting like my penguins and galoshes were an intentional fashion choice, grabbed those eggs, and left…stopping by DQ on the way home to get some dilly bars.

Starting a new trend.  Penguins, galoshes, eggs, and dilly bars.

Starting a new trend. Penguins, galoshes, eggs, and dilly bars.

When I got home, Aunt Sharon took a photo, which I sent out to family via text.  This sparked a whole string of conversation between Chelsea, mom, Janine, and myself.  Mom’s comment was that she was proud of me for going out looking comfortable.  Whenever she runs errands in “comfortable” clothes, she’s bound to run into a friend who may not approve of the attire.

I am breaking the mold…using galoshes and penguins.

What are you going to do different today?

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