Thoughts on Driving.

Aah...the open road.

Aah…the open road.

I have had a lot of time to think lately, and usually it happens while I am driving.

Sometimes, I get so frustrated when people on the road aren’t going the speed I would like them to go…can’t they see I am in a hurry?  Helloooo?!?

When this thought comes (and it comes often), I have started to make an effort to change my thinking patterns.  Just because I am in a hurry, doesn’t give me the right to be rude.  Even though I feel like being closer to the car ahead of me just to make a point, it still isn’t right.

Whether we are on the road, out shopping, or just breathing, it is inevitable that people aren’t going to be doing what we think they should, or going the pace we’d prefer.  It is in these moments that we have a grand opportunity to be different.  This is where the principle of respect comes into play . It shouldn’t matter whether you know me or not or if you know my current status (in a hurry, relaxed, etc.).  I should still be respectful to you, because you are a human being. You experience many of the same things I do.

In many ways, respect is a lot like grace.  It is important to give others the grace to be and do what they need to do, whether or not it matches up with our agenda.  Looking at the season that we are in – Christmas – isn’t it all the more fundamental to show the love of Christ through our actions?  We are to show love as we have been shown love by God.  We are all created equal.

Please note that I am by no means an expert at this.  I still get caught up in a rush, and wish that I was the only one on the road, or standing in line, or whatever else…but without others, our lives would be boring.

Take time to not only respect others, but to enjoy the time you have.  Settle down.  Be. 

  1. Great post Joy! Hope you have a fantastic Christmas season. Tell your family hello! 🙂


    1. Thanks, Stephen!

      I hope you have a wonderful Christmas too! Your first with little Gracie!!! Yayyy!!!

      Hopefully I’ll get to see you someday!!


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