In Search Of Adventure…

This past week has been full of a myriad of experiences. On Christmas Day, my family and I literally sat around all day and watched movies. The next day, we slept in, and went to see Les Miserables (I did go to the dentist, so…that makes me somewhat productive). Basically, we have been vegging around the house for the past week. This has been wonderful, but has also brought up some interesting conversations and thoughts.

Yesterday, I was laying on the couch watching a hour-long special on an archeological dig in Egypt. As it ended, I realized that I just spent an hour of my life watching something that I didn’t even care about. I will admit, the show was a little interesting, but in all reality, it added nothing to my day.

So, now that it was 11:00, and I had done absolutely nothing, I decided to take some action. Both my aunt Sharon and my cousin Matt were upstairs, so I went up with an idea…

Let’s go do something.

Brilliant, right? Well, it hatched into a day of fun! Matt and I set out towards Barrington, stopped in at the Cook Street Coffee Shop, which I highly recommend, then we headed to AMC 30 South Barrington to watch “Wreck It Ralph,” which was pretty good, but will probably never end up in my personal DVD stash. After eating tons of popcorn, we headed home, changed clothes, and ventured to the Bartlett Parks and Recreation center to play some racquetball. Once we warmed up, we played two games to 21, in which Matt creamed me. When we got home, we broke out the Wii, and kept the fun going.

One of my favorite parts of the adventure was Matt and my conversations in the car. Oddly enough, both of us have had some similar thoughts on personal goals for next year. The biggie that we discussed was becoming less addicted to social media, and focusing more on living life outside of our electronic devices.

That being said, Matt and I have determined to quit social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) for the month of January. It won’t be easy, but I am so excited to see what life is like in a month.

I read an article yesterday that came up on my feed about one man’s journey of quitting twitter for a month. In this article, the author, Adam Brault, talked about his experience and the peace and clarity he found through stepping away from the social media world.

One of the reasons stepping away from social media is so important to me is that starting next month, I am beginning a temporary position as the Interim Technical Director for Student Impact at Willow Creek South Barrington. God has blessed me with a three month period to learn, do, and grow in my technical abilities. I am so excited for this next season and I want to do my best with this – and that includes putting my energy and time in the right place. For me personally, social media cuts down on my productivity, and this needs to stop.

I know that January is only a few days away…but would you consider joining Matt and me? It won’t be easy, but I can only guess what good will come out of putting down devices and actually connecting in real life. During the month of January, I want to get out and explore more, start training for another running race, and do my best with the new position God has given me.

What are your goals?
Will you join us?

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