January. Week 1.

Not only  has this past week been the first week of January, the first week of 2013, and the first week of the rest of my life, it has also been a glorious adventure. In the past week alone, I have started a new job, not been on any kind of social media, have started and almost finished a t-shirt blanket, and have had many meaningful experiences.  Let’s begin with the new job, shall we?

Student Impact!

Student Impact!

Wednesday was my first day as the Interim Student Impact Technical Director (TD) at Willow Creek South Barrington.  Looking back over the last six months of unemployment, God’s hand is readily evident.  Not long after transitioning out of my previous position, I began an “internship” at Willow Creek South Barrington under my friend Troy, who was the TD for Student Impact (high school ministry) and Axis (young adult ministry).  In that two months, I learned a lot about technical direction, planning, and how to technically run a service.  Little did I know that a few months later, I would be stepping in for Troy as he transitions to be a TD in another area of Willow.  Only God could have coordinated such events.  Today was my first official weekend in the TD chair as the interim.  Everything didn’t go perfect, or exactly according to plan, but God moved anyhow.  The beauty of working in a church is seeing God move in spite of us.  He uses our imperfections for His glory, and to show the world hope.  Just like Bill Hybels says, “The local church is the hope of the world.”  What an honor.

So far this week, I have had the opportunity to do several fun things alongside my new co-workers…including carrying birch trees from storage to the stage for a set design addition, removing four foot lego blocks from an air circulation room in the upper recesses of the church for a Promiseland set, de-electrifing the Christmas garland in the main auditorium, de-tangling and coiling what seemed like miles of cords from the Christmas set in main auditorium, removing a B3 organ from the cage in Lakeside auditorium and taking it to a loading dock for pickup, and even participating in the weekly eating of Nick’s Pizza during lunch….the adventure is only beginning.

In my last post, I talked about Matt and my resolution to stay off of Facebook/Twitter/Instagram for a month.  I’d like to report that so far, it is going great.  At points, I feel like I don’t even need a smart phone.  All I use it for is email, texting, talking, and the occasional game of solitare.  Crazy.  Oddly enough, it has been wonderful, too. Being off of social media has spurred me on to try new things.

Pile O'Shirts

Pile O’Shirts

One of those new things was a spur-of-the-moment project that has taken over most of my evenings ever since last Sunday.  I have officially embarked on creating a blanket out of t-shirts.  It wasn’t planned as a massive project, but has definitely turned into one.  So far, I have cut up approximately 45 of my Uncle and my t-shirts.  Originally, I started with 25 shirts that I pulled out of my closet that I was keeping for odd sentimental reasons.  As I got further into the project, I realized two things.  1: I don’t have enough t-shirts.  2: oh my goodness – this is going to be the heaviest blanket ever (which isn’t necessarily bad…).

Here’s my process:

The strips of T-shirt

The strips of T-shirt

1. Collect Shirts.
2. Cut shirts into 1″ approximate width strips.
3. Sew strips end-to-end to create a long string of material.
4. Crochet all of them together into a blanket!

As I started this process, each step brought some interesting issues.  The cutting of the shirts took a while to figure out.  After painstakingly cutting about 3 shirts, I found out that I could fold them in half, and accomplish the same output with half of the input.  Brilliant.  Sewing the ends together took a little getting used to, as I haven’t sewed in a while.  Crocheting was the hardest part…considering that I’ve never crocheted prior to this project….but that’s where YouTube, my proverbial knight in shining armor, came in to sweep me off my feet and save the day!  As of last night, my blanket is actually large enough to be a legitimate blanket, but has taken approximately 20 hours of work.  Is it worth it?  OH YES.  Soon, I will have the most sentimental, warm, and heavy blanket ever!

Progress as of 1/5/13

Progress as of 1/5/13

And now for the last (but definitely not least) item on my list of how awesome my week was…meaningful experiences.  Being off of social media gives me no excuse to be lazy about communication.  I have had some fantastic times of connection with friends this week, between the new year’s gathering at Chelsea’s, to the new year’s party for Impact, to re-joining the Willow team, to hanging out with Lindsay, to talking to my grandma on the phone, to FaceTiming with my sister while I crochet, to hosting the first Fantastic Friday of the year with Alisha, Lindsay W., and Lindsay G., to having lunch with Jen today, to having fantastic family dinners.

All in all, it has been a wonderful week.


What are you doing this upcoming week to make memories?

  1. Awesome Week 1; Get ready for Week 2! It only gets better!!


  2. So glad to hear that things are going so well! I love the blanket! So beautiful! 2013 is a year of turn-around for you. Yeah, God!


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