January. Mid-way.

…and just like that.  I blinked and it is January 17th.
It is crazy how time flies when you’re having fun!

The past two weeks have been jam-packed with preparation for Blast, Student Impact’s annual winter camp.  It is refreshing to be working on such a large project and to feel mentally tired at the end of the day.  My biggest challenge so far: Keeping on top of the floor plan for our venue: Pheasant Run Resort in St. Charles, IL.  Last year, we arrived at the venue for setup and discovered that the dimensions the floor plan was based off of were about 30′ off in one direction, and 20′ in the other…which meant that some emergency dimensions needed to be figured out…and fast!  In order to prevent that from happening this year, I have been on high alert for quality control…which is awesome, but rather tedious.  I have self-admittedly over prepared for setup next week by preparing a dimension sheet for each point in the room that needs to be surveyed and taped off in preparation for all of setup to occur.  It is a mind-bending task, but it is so rewarding! Today, I even got to play with the lamination machine, which is always a highlight.

The blanket!

The blanket!

In the vein of being crafty, I finished my t-shirt blanket this week!  The blanket officially weighs ten pounds, and used about forty shirts.  Craziness.  I ended up with about 75 crocheted rows of 90 stitches.  Before I finished, Aunt Sharon asked me when the blanket transformed from being a fun project to an item I needed to check off of my to-do list.  My answer: Probably around row 50.  🙂

I absolutely love how the blanket turned out.  At first, I wasn’t sure how the conglomeration of colors was going to work, but instead of turning out odd, it in turn gave the blanket a lovely personality.  Halfway through, I realized that my 25 t-shirts would not complete the project.  I sent out a rally cry, and my Uncle responded by giving me 20 of his shirts, which were drastically different in color.  One of my favorite features of the blanket is seeing the contrast of where my shirts ended and Uncle Tom’s shirts began.  I don’t own a lot of white shirts, and a majority of Tom’s shirts were white.  But that is yet another reason why this 10 pound blanket is so full of personality.  The only downside to this blanket is that I can never take it on an airplane.

On another note, I purchased a Nikon DSLR this week that I am really excited to use.  I anticipate its maiden voyage at Blast.  I’m still unsure of what to name it.  My last DSLR was named Dexter.  Any suggestions you have will be greatly appreciated.  I was thinking of something like Baxter…hmm….

This week, I added a few things to my “Things I’ve Done at Willow” list – including moving the Bethlehem stable, Noah’s ark, moving some roman columns, and using the laminator.  Ta da!

Anyhow, January is shaping up to be a fantastic month.  I am looking forward to next week with great anticipation.  God is good.

As a parting measure, i’ll leave you with this fantastic sign that I found at Willow this week:

Are you an E-Hoarder?

Are you an E-Hoarder?

  1. Obviously you should name your camera Esqueleto!


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