Who I was.

Over the past few weeks, a thought has been brewing in my head that I would like to share. It all started with a training session I was at, where a gentleman ended out meeting with prayer. As he was praying, he said something along the lines of, “God, thanks for bringing us all here today. Ten years ago, we had no idea that our paths would lead us here…” After that line, my mind went spinning. Ten years ago, I was in my early teens, had long hair, and still collected puppet stuffed animals. Oh wow.
Just this last week, I had a good conversation with a friend that I walked away from feeling blessed, not because the content of the discussion was light, but because I realized that I am not who I was a year ago. Looking back, I was in crisis. My self image was trashed, and I was feeling more worthless than ever. Since then, I have been in counseling, ran a half marathon, started a new job, and have a fresh outlook on life.

It is easy to look at that last sentence and assume that it was an overnight transformation…but it has been more of a long-haul trek. Doing the hard work of inner change has paid off. I am by no means saying I have arrived at my final destination with my inner work, but I can look back and see the tracks of where God has led me. I am so grateful to everyone who has stood alongside me this past year. Thank you for believing in me.

My encouragement to you today: find ways to encourage others to see how far they have come, and enjoy the conversations that follow 🙂

  1. Life’s road has many potholes and steep grades to overcome. From what you have written you have walked far down the road but there is much more to discover… Hang in there you are not alone on this journey.


  2. Sharon Evans May 7, 2013 at 9:06 am

    Walking beside you in prayer, Dear. Each day we trust our lives to our Lord is a day of VICTORY and TRANSFORMATION.

    Love you. Grandma Sharon


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