Jesus loves me!

Tonight, as my family travelled back from a trip to Breckenridge, CO, I was reminded of a classic moment in my life. Here is your laugh for the day.

Flash back with me to thanksgiving, 2011. My sister was great with child, and thus could not travel in her eighth month. Instead of making our yearly pilgrimage to Kansas City, the fam all travelled down to Dallas to be with Janine. As we planned our trip, I had received flight info from my uncle and set off to book a ticket on the same flight.

Fast forward to the day of our flight. The Swings and I checked into the airlines, and set off to the food court. Being the organizer that I am, I asked everyone where their seats were. When I found out I was next to Matt, my first thought that I uttered loudly was, “Jesus loves me!!” As we finished up our meal, I started to get antsy, as our boarding time was approaching. This is when it all went south.

As I tried to move everyone towards the gate, we made a discovery. I had somehow booked myself on a flight to Dallas that wasn’t the same flight as my family. It left around a half hour before the Swings’ flight…

That being said. I know that Jesus sill loves me. I just messed up and was on a seat next to Matt…just on a different airplane.

Moral of the story: one way or another, you’ll get there. Don’t fret the path. Know that Jesus loves you regardless. 🙂

  1. Now Joy….that is a story. Hope that you had a great time skiing. Sibyl


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