It’ll all work out…somehow.

The past three weeks have played directly into my newest mantra: “It’ll all work out…somehow.”  The world of church production is constantly walking the line of knowing what’s going on, and running with changes.  There isn’t a single Sunday where earlier plans are always followed to the T.  Changes are expected.

When it seems like an entire weekend happens like that, the stakes go up a bit.  When it happens for two weeks in a row, a pattern starts emerging.  When it happens again for a third week, the pattern is vastly clear.

In the midst of ambiguity, somehow, some way, it will all work out.

A year ago, this wasn’t even on my mind.  Since then, it has been crazy to see the path i’ve been on towards growth in areas of ambiguity and change.  Through the help of trusted friends, family, and my favorite counselor, I am able to turn around and see where God has brought me.

A year ago next week, I had one of the most horrible weeks ever.  I accidentally ran over the basketball hoop with my car (long story with a $1200 ending), I lost a friend in a tragic plane crash, attended his funeral on my birthday, and to top it all off I put in my notice at work.

Since then, i’ve been blessed to have been surrounded by support and love as I am re-calibrating areas of myself that are in need of repair.  Days like today allow me to turn around and see that work has been done.  I am not who I was.

It has been the most odd thing….going through these past few weeks with the “It’ll all work out” mantra running through my mind.  I am believing it more and more as God continues to prove Himself.  In the midst of chaos, it is a reminder that I can’t do it alone, but He can do crazy awesome stuff with me.

Looking ahead to the next couple of weeks, I have a lot of ambiguity facing me.  Somehow, some way, I know it will all work out.  As my grandma told me yesterday, “God’s got your back.”

I am beginning to believe it more and more each day.  Do you?

  1. God changes us all from the inside out if we let Him. You are following hard after Him and reaping great rewards. He works all things together for our good. Don’t forget that you are my favorite short haired, youngest daughter! Hugs, Mom


  2. Sharon Evans May 7, 2013 at 9:20 am

    You are rapidly becoming a “big girl” in your walk with your God, Joyous One. So thankful you are experiencing God’s faithfulness and grace in such miraculous ways all because you have entered a new level of trust, obedience and rest in Him.
    So proud of and thankful for you!! Hugs and don’t forget, “I love you more.” Gema S


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