The Adventures of El Salvador 3.0 Begin Today!!!!!

Hello, friends!

Today is the day that we all embark on a brand new adventure.  Katie, Mario, Lalo, and myself are so excited to walk and work alongside these high schoolers as we travel to and learn from a different culture.  As we go – would you consider praying for us?

Here are some things we’d love prayer for:
– Health and good rest
– Travel safety
– Work safety
– Open eyes to see and open ears to hear what God is saying
– Good communication – both inside our team and with those we are going to meet
– Laughter – that we’d enjoy one another’s company and be able to hold our days lightly

Last but not least – would you pray that we would be open to new experiences and to being God’s hands and feet in whatever form that may take?

Thank you for joining us on this adventure through your prayer and support!!


– The El Salvador Student Impact Serving Team

Our Team :)

Back row: Drew, Matt, Zoe, Claire, Mario, Lalo Middle row: Sara, Audrey, Joy, Megan Front Row: Lauren, Tyler, Christy, Quinn, Spencer, Katie Not pictured: Connor, MiCaela, Paige






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