The Adventures of El Salvador 3.0! Day 1 – We have made it!!

Today has been a day full of flexibility, laughter, and sitting.

The morning started off with a lovely send-off at O’Hare, capped with the traditional moment of prayer and team photo.  I’m pretty sure I’ve never had that many cameras pointed at me at once. It was all at once unnerving and delightful.

Let’s be honest.  Travel days are either super exciting or super chill.  Super exciting usually ends up with running through an airport in a panic, while super chill means sitting around for hours on end figuring out how many ways one can twiddle thumbs.

Today has been a bit of both – but leaning more in the arena of chill.  We’ve had a few moments of “oh wait…what’s going on?” But overall, we’ve had fun getting to know each other.  We’ve crammed 19 of us into two rows of airport chairs in Houston airport about three to four times while gates got moved, and flights got pushed later and later.

We’ve started video recording our adventures, telling life stories, and settling into a lovely rhythm of gelling as a group.  Our four rows of chairs were awash of conversation on the flight to San Salvador, with the occasional sleeper by the window.

We survived an hour wait for customs in the airport, a humid bus ride through darkened streets, and a quick, mostly quiet dinner.  We are so glad to finally be here and in our hotel!

Tomorrow, we are starting off the day with orientation, and then we will be traveling to the community of Panchimalco, where we will meet up with the pastors and church leaders of Pan de Vida church and find out more about our project.  In the afternoon, we will attend a service at Pan de Vida, where Lalo will be sharing a bit of his heart with the church members!


In the forever line in Customs!

How are we doing?  Today, we are giddy.  Living in a state of disbelief that we’re actually in El Salvador.  It seems so surreal, yet we all are buzzing with excitement for what God has in store.

Here’s to new adventures!


  1. GOD is good! Glad you made it safe! Looking forward to sharing this adventure through your eyes! Praying for the team!


  2. Dana and Anthony Piraino June 15, 2014 at 7:51 pm

    Thanks for the update! We are glad that you all made it safe and sound! You all are in our thoughts and prayers this week!


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