Student Impact El Salvador Team!

Student Impact El Salvador Team!


Coming back to Chicago after El Salvador has been especially hard this round.  I can’t help but think that the community we created there is what the Acts church experienced.  Togetherness, unity, accomplishment.

As a group, we’ve discussed what we miss about being in Panchimalco.  Here are a few of the answers:

“I miss the absolutely unconditional love from the people and how their situations made ours seem so trivial, especially because of how joyful and selfless they were.”

“I miss the expectation for adventure.”

“I miss the love we found there.”

“I miss the constant smiles, laughter, and overwhelming joy even when things got tough or people were tired.”

I’m grateful for our mantra, “It’s not wrong, it’s just different.”  It’s come in handy for re-entering into “real life.”  One of the hardest parts of coming back for me has been figuring out how to be present.  I multi-task so often and spread my attention so thin that I end up not being truly present to anyone or anything.  With the pre-camp to-do list ever growing and responsibilities looming, it’s been a battle. Thankfully, the battle isn’t lost and i’m not battling alone.  We started this trip in community and we’re still together even now.  Almost daily, someone posts in our group chat and keeps the conversations going.  It is such an encouragement!

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work alongside each and every member of the Student Impact El Salvador 2014 team.

Here’s to more adventures to come – new places, people, experiences. All a part of God’s story intersecting with ours.  What will you write today?

  1. Coming back is always a challenge isn’t it? I hope you and the team have support structures around and opportunities for debrief and the sharing of stories…Blessings.


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