A brave new adventure.

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Another adventure is coming, and I am so excited!  This year, I will be traveling to Zambia, Africa with a group of nine students and three other leaders between June 12th and 21st..  We’re two meetings into our team training, and the electricity around the table is unreal.  We’ve managed to get round one of paperwork in, and are now gearing up to apply for our Zambian visas.  We’re going to Africa!!!

Before I go too much further into trip details, I would love to pause to ask for your help.  Would you consider helping our team raise funds to go?  There are two ways you can help – 1. Purchase a t-shirt for $15 (+$1 for 2XL+, +$5 for shipping).  2. Contact me if you’re interested in helping the team reach their fundraising goals.

There are so many wonderful things about this trip.  Our team is made up of students who are willing to fundraise $3500 each, fly to another country, experience a new culture, and serve with open hands.  We will be partnering with an organization called the Jubilee Centre in the capital of Zambia, Lusaka.  Scott, one of our leaders, is a veteran when it comes to matters of partnering with churches in Zambia.  He informed us last night that these churches are crossing denominational lines in order improve their community. For the past few years, the area has been dubbed with the demeaning title “George compound.”  Because of the work the churches are doing in the area, the name has begun to shift to “George complex,” which indicates its upward motion out of poverty.

We will be working alongside Rev. Banda and his wife Grace, who both have a heart for education in the George complex.  They run the Grace Christian school, which not only reaches students in the George complex, but also helps to educate teachers in the local area.

How will we be fitting into all of this?  While the exact project isn’t fully determined, we do know that we will be supporting the mission of the school relationally through spending intentional time with the students and youth of the area, and physically through beautifying the school grounds. Our country manager, Kabwe, has begun dreaming up cross-cultural experiences for our team that will help us learn about what life is like for our brothers and sisters in Zambia.  We are so excited to be able to experience life alongside new friends.  At this point, our work project may take the form of painting, building play equipment, or a choose your own adventure.

As is tradition, we will be posting updates from the trip as we go along here on my blog – so stay tuned!  Please support our team with prayer, finances, or both!

Here is to a brave new adventure.
New friends.
New team.
New continent.
New blessings.

  1. Joy thank you for the update and love that Scott is on the trip. The students need to hear his story. Blessings in all you are about!


  2. It’s going to be awesome! Sending prayers your direction(:


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