ZAMBIA: T-26 days until liftoff!


Team Zambia 2015!

It is insane to think that as I am writing this post, Team Zambia is just 26 days away from heading halfway across the world! As a team, we have worked to hard to fundraise, get to know each other, and prepare our hearts for what we will experience.  Our recent T-Shirt Fundraiser brought in $1500 towards our trip!  What a blessing!

We’ve been in contact with our country manager in Zambia this week, who has informed us that we will be using our time first and foremost, to build relationships with students from Grace Christian School, located in the George Complex.  We have the gift of having scheduled time to sit with and learn from our brothers and sisters in Zambia.  The highlight of this time will be what is now being called a “dream sharing session.”  I am so looking forward to this!

Our work project will consist of painting and some construction.  We will be working alongside students from the school to paint walls, create a mural that displays the heart of the school, and we’ll also build a few walls.  It’ll be hard and rewarding work!

The more I learn about Zambia and our contacts there, the more excited I am to step into this adventure!  Would you consider supporting us as we go abroad with prayer and finances?  We have reached a 60% fundraising mark, and need your help to make it all the way to being fully funded! Please contact me if you are interested in supporting us financially.

Thank you for your support!  More updates will be posted as we get closer to adventure!

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