Adventures in Zambia – Travel Success!!!!


Our team in the bus with Daniel!

I am so pleased to announce that after 23+ hours in a plane, fast walks through airports, cramped naps, two breakfasts, one lunch and one airplane dinner, we have made it to Zambia!!  We were blessed with smooth transitions between flights, the gift of all of our luggage arriving, and beautiful weather!!!

We just had the privilege of meeting with Kabwe, Chris, and Daniel, who will be accompanying us this week. It was a great time of orientation, re-centering after travel, and just plain ol getting to know each other. As I write this, we are all in our rooms resting until dinner. 

Tomorrow holds an adventure to Grace Christian Centre, meeting many new friends, and a trip to the Sunday market, where Kabwe tells us that the girls in our group will all be gifted with a traditional “wrapper,” or skirt! 

I am signing off tonight full of gratitude for safe travel, tired, and so excited for what adventures are to come!

Standby for awesome!!


  1. how great that you all have arrived. Hope this next day is an eye opening and heart opening day.


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