Adventures in Zambia – Sunday!

Post delayed due to lack of wifi last night 🙂


After writing last night, we all were able to experience our first dinner in Zambia via candlelight, which was an unexpected pleasure! Right as we were about to grab food, the power went out. Kabwe’s comment to this: “Welcome to Africa!” We had a few learnings with water pressure last night, and had fun exploring with flashlights.   

Today has been full of new experiences! We started off the day with traveling to church at Grace Christian Centre, 

Today’s highlights included joining our brothers and sisters at church, having lunch at Pastor and Mrs. Banda’s house (turns out her name isn’t Grace like we were told originally. Her name is Anastasia!), playing bananagrams with our new friends, getting beat by them, and sharing many laughs around the table. 

A little information on who we are working with: Pastor Banda and Mrs. Banda shared some with us about the history of their church as we sat in a circle of chairs shaded by banana trees. They founded the church in 1992, after pastor Banda felt the call of God on his life to build a holistic church during his stay at Bible school in South Africa. During his time sharing with us, as well as during his morning sermon, he emphasized the importance of being salt and light to this world. One of the main goals of Pastor Banda and Anastasia is to show the teaching aspect of God – to demonstrate who God is through interacting with others, inside and outside the church. I will share more information on the history of the school at a later point. 

After sharing this time with the Bandas, we loaded into the bus and headed to the Sunday market, where we learned about haggling, a bit of bartering, and the power of walking away from a deal. While at the market, Kabwe bought all of the ladies “wrappers,” or traditional skirts, which most of the ladies wore to dinner tonight. 

At our short evening debrief, we talked about a few of our highlights from the day. Many personal highlights surrounded the love we felt from spending time with church members after service. It felt so natural! We ended up standing outside the church for quite a while chatting with our new friends, finding out that we are all alike. 

Tomorrow begins our time working at the church. We are so excited to get our hands dirty, meet more new friends, make art, and work alongside a fantastic organization. In the meantime, games are being played, mosquito nets are being stretched into sleeping position, and we are preparing for adventure!


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