Adventures in Zambia – Monday!

Work day number one has been a successful venture! Today, we started with a blank wall, and several partially prepared classrooms. We walked out this afternoon with many new friends, 85% of the mural done, and 1.75 rooms painted! We learned how to paint white walls in the sun without crying from the brightness, how to scrape adhesive off of walls, how to fill holes, and how to paint with and clean up from intentional or unintentional contact with oil paint. 

As I write this, we are sitting in the dining area at our guest house playing games until dinner. We have had the ability to play several games today with our Zambian counterparts – including bananagrams, ultimate frisbee, and a variation of ultimate frisbee we made up this afternoon. Some of our students even got to play with some of the adorable kids that had been hanging around while we played ultimate. It has been such a fun day of working, laughter, and sharing of life! 

Highlights of the day: Productivity, lots of play, and connection! In the room painting group, conversation highlights included talking about dating, how many kids we wanted, and how to say “ba,” which is said before a name to show respect for elders. The mural team loved working with our Zambian counterparts and seeing how fast things came together!!

Due to limited internet, I am not able to post pictures often, but rest assured that we are taking great pictures and that we are having lots of fun!!

  1. thanks for sending a note on the day and working together, living in sopmeone else’s shoes and sharing in life. Sibyl


  2. Hmmm…productivity, lots of play and connection — sounds like Joy Bork is in heaven!!!


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