Adventures in Zambia – Tuesday! 


We had a lot of fun at the church today in the midst of getting a lot of work done. To update on the work projects: we have finished painting four and a half rooms, the mural art is complete and we are finalizing the school information on the wall! The mural team has made huge progress, and the Banda’s love it! Chris, one of our country contacts informed us that to hire the wall to be painted, it would have cost $2,250. To get the rooms painted, it would have been around $1,500. Together with our Zambian friends, we are able to take care of these projects for much less! 

While painting the rooms today, we created our own entertainment. We rapped and made up songs about painting, reminisced on our childhood memories of veggie tales, and laughed a whole lot. 

The mural crew rocked their painting today amidst being distracted by a consistent flow of young children and students passing by. Many of the female students had fascinations with several of our team member’s long hair. Daniel told us that it is hard for Zambian women to grow long hair, so they want to check to make sure the ladies’ long hair is real. 

Basically everyone’s highlight of the day happened during our lunch break today. We gathered all of the chairs in the church in a circle and played a huge round of “never have I ever.” 

Side note for those who haven’t played before, there is a person in the middle who says a “never have I ever” phrase. If someone in the circle has done or been to that place/thing, they must get up and find another chair in the circle to sit in. Whoever is left in the middle then says a “never have I ever” phrase, and the game continues.

All of our Zambian friends jumped right into the game with us, and brought about some of our favorite moments of the day. At one point, pastor Kabwe said, “never have I ever been to Zambia,” after which a few people moved, a few stared, and he laughed. That trickster! We played for a good 20 minutes or so, and were amazed both at the number of accidental lies that were told (“never have I ever eaten chicken…” I mean, come on!), and the amount of random facts we knew about each other. It was so fun! Mrs. Banda even commented that she will be teaching this game at the school on Monday. Success!

Kabwe, Daniel, and Chris treated us to a delightful dinner at a local Indian restaurant tonight! For many, it was their first time trying Indian food – and they loved it! So many cultural experiences are happening this week!

Tomorrow’s agenda includes finishing the text on the mural wall, painting two and a half more rooms, and jumping in with a group of workers that are building a classroom behind the church. It will be so great!

Thanks for your continued prayers! 

  1. Joy,
    Thank you for the great posts and photos. It looks like everyone is having a great time. Please say hi to Sarah from us and we are praying for you all. What a blessing you are giving Sarah and the other kids. Thank you for your servant heart.
    In His grace,


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