Adventures in Zambia – Wednesday!

We are so pleased to announce that we have officially completed our mural and painting projects! After three days of painting in rooms and in the sun, we have put up our hands and walked away. Pastor Banda spoke with a few of us briefly this afternoon and said that he was so grateful for our work. It was like a weight has been lifted off of his shoulders! It is such an honor to be able to serve alongside such a humble leader as a Pastor Banda and Anastasia. I am so grateful for their openness to share their vision and life with us!

We had a quintessential cultural experience at lunch today! The church ladies cooked us up a traditional Zambian lunch, including nshima (similar to grits), spaghetti with meat, okra, sweet potato leaves, spinach, a corn and peanut butter mash (which was fantastic!), and the most unique of all: sardines and caterpillars. All of us tried caterpillars, and walked away with mixed opinions. Some thought it tasted like sunflower seeds, some couldn’t handle the thought of eating a caterpillar and didn’t finish a whole one, and I thought it tasted like the smell of the horse pen at a petting zoo. So….I think it is safe to say that it was a good try. 🙂

Once again, our day was filled with lots and lots of kids! We spent a lot of time hanging out, dancing, taking pictures, and enjoying the company of the students who gathered outside the wall with us. Pictures of this will come later. The highlight of the late afternoon was, oddly enough, saying goodbye. It is amazing how fast bonds can form from simply being with and playing alongside these kids. They even ran after our bus once we started driving away – waving and yelling goodbye for a little bit. Talk about heart melting!!!!

Now that our work days are finished, we are transitioning into experiencing more of Zambia. Tomorrow, we are splitting into four groups and we will be joining families during the morning to get a peek into what their day and family life looks like. It will be so great!

As we debriefed tonight and prepared for tomorrow, we were blessed to hear the story of Chris, one of our contacts here.  We learned about how he met God, received a call to ministry, and how he landed where he is! What a gift it was to hear his story!!

As a random side note – we also learned today that the word “pants” means underwear here. It now makes total sense why we have received so many odd looks when we compliment people on their pants…

More adventures to come! But for now, we are enjoying each other’s company and are playing games until bedtime. Thanks for your continued prayers!

  1. what a wonderful post…your words and the images they gave invited me to taste the experience. I just had a little trouble biting into the catepillar. sibyl


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