Adventures in Zambia – A Week Later

Team Photo

It is hard to believe that a little over a week ago, we left our friends in Lusaka, Zambia and headed back home to Chicago!  It feels like this past week has been a whirlwind of jet lag, trying to remember to finish our malaria pills, and re-adjusting to normal life.  It truly is crazy how fast time flies!

Just a week ago, we were painting classrooms and a mural, trying new foods, playing with kids of all ages, seeing joy on the faces of those around us, and we were having a blast while doing it!  I remember the lightness of Pastor Banda as we worked further into the week – we were able to lift a load off of his and Anastasia’s shoulders.  I remember the excited voices of kids as we disembarked from the bus in the mornings, and the sad goodbyes as we went home at night.  I remember intense laughter as we played team games throughout the day.  I remember the sense of community – we were all in it together. What a gift this trip was!

Thinking back a few more weeks to our pre-trip prayer gathering, I am amazed at how many words were prayed that came to pass.  Words like courage, trust, transformation, safety, unity, piercing love, friendships, presence, health, passion ignited, soft hearts, joy, listening, and gratitude.  Many places along the journey, we came into contact with a situation that needed one of these words.  I am in awe again of how God works on our behalf!

I would also like to say a huge heartfelt thank you to each and every person who made our trip possible through prayer and finances.  We are so grateful for your support!


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