Adventures in Zambia 2.0 – Pre-Trip!


Team Zambia 2016! Back row: Corel, Caleb, Peyton, Kara, Joy, Justin, Drew, Matt.  Front row: Katie, Casey, Olivia, Carly, Colby, Lindsay, Jaid.

In exactly three days, we will be in the air on our way to Zambia! It is crazy how fast this trip has snuck up on us! God has provided for us in so many ways already – in helping us choose the team, get to know each other, and most recently, meet all of our financial deadlines. God is so good!

As we prepare to go, would you pray for us? We’ve got long flights ahead of us, many amazing people to meet, adventures to have, classrooms to paint, and fun to create.

Stay tuned for updates as we go!

•• Joy, Katie, and the Zamfam ••

  1. This is another opportunity to grow and learn from others and from each other. Those of you who are veterans on this trip… Step forward and lead the way, take a fresh risk, be open to the movement of God in you and responsive to it. Grace and peace and love to all. Sibyl Towner


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